“The world needs a woman’s power,” says Julia Gama, second Miss Universe | Rio Grande do Sul


Julia, the holder of the best position a Brazilian competitor has had since 2007, celebrates her achievement and says the competition is still relevant even with nearly 70 years of existence.

Daughter of a woman from Porto Alegre and Carioca, Julia studied chemical engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) before investing in beauty pageants and artistic careers, with encouragement from friends. She lived in China for three years, where she worked as an actress, and acted in Chinese in two films.

“I want to invest in my acting career in Brazil and Latin America,” he says. “Acting in Spanish is what I want, what I like to do.”

last year, Elected Miss BrazilThat the traditional show has not been held for the first time due to the epidemic. She came back to live in Sao Paulo to prepare for Miss Universe.

1 of 2 Julia Gamma, 2nd place Miss Universe contest – Photo: Instagram clone / juliawgama

Julia Gamma, 2nd place Miss Universe – Photo: Instagram / juliawgama clone

Julia participated in a completely new organization of the event, due to the epidemic. Therefore, her family could not accompany her to the United States, where the contest took place.

Before arriving, he completed an 11-day quarantine and took four tests to ensure he was not infected with Covid. According to Julia, the candidates and the team were isolated, their temperature monitored, and a health questionnaire answered daily. On the show, the number of guests was reduced and everyone underwent tests.

“This shows us that although we will continue 100% to weather the pandemic, we are starting to find ways to safely restore our lives and return to practices that are important to us, such as events, entertainment and other activities,” says Julia, who will take advantage of her presence and vaccination in the United States. In the next few days.

Julia Gamma talks about caring for the pandemic before Miss Universe

“The competition goes beyond beauty”

The 69th place winner, who won second place in the Miss Universe contest, celebrated the diversity of the contest and the presence of Latina women among the first places this year.

“The competition goes beyond aesthetic beauty. As we saw on stage, there was a diversity of beauty represented there, and different types of beauty. It was a moment to bring the whole world together. We are still in an epidemic, but it was the first big event that brought together 74 countries sharing their experiences and points.” Its strength is so that we can go through this very delicate moment, “he says.

She understands that the contest remains a platform to amplify the defense of the important causes.

“What we want is to inspire all women in the world to feel this power that they have within themselves and to use it,” he admits.

Julia is an international ambassador for the rights of people with leprosy. “It only makes sense for me to use this title to help these people and in Brazil. I want to continue to support the cause of leprosy, and I think it is possible for us to eradicate leprosy from Brazil.”

Talk about depression

On the scene, Julia was applauded when she talked about the importance of talking about depression and anxiety. “It’s the statement, A speech received on a topic. they [a organização] About 10 topics went through during the week, and we had to prepare, “he explains.

His chosen topic was mental health. Julia comments that she has a “connection” to the matter. “At the age of eleven, I was diagnosed with depression. I had to take medication for many years, do therapy, and deal with anxiety. I had to learn to deal with these problems, and understand how that would manifest itself in my life if I didn’t care about myself properly.” .

Through her talk, she hopes to encourage dialogue on this topic. “A lot of people are shy to talk about it. I know I’m no less than that because I’ve been through these situations in my life. Don’t make me less powerful, less capable, less worthy, less powerful,” he asserts.

He is scheduled to return to Brazil on the next 20th day. “I stay in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and as soon as I have some time, I go back to Porto Alegre. I want to have a barbecue, drink a mate, and ride a horse.


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