The World’s Most Exclusive And Luxurious Furniture Brands


If you’re looking for one of a kind furnishings from the most expensive and luxury furniture brands, then read on to find out how to do just that.

When it comes to buying luxury furniture for your prized abode, only the finest will do – and often, finding the perfect chaise-lounge or four-poster bed takes a great deal of time and dedication to the search. Purchasing high-end furnishings is, understandably, rather more complicated than buying out mid-range items for your home, and there are plenty of factors to consider in doing so – from the brand and designer you shop with, to the style, colour and shape of your dream piece and of course, how it’s going to look in the place you’ve chosen for it.

In 2022, there are a diverse range of beautiful home furniture pieces available to choose from on the market and a plethora of exciting home decor brands creating stunning collections that can’t help but pique even the most discerning of interests – but how do you know when you’ve finally found the best of the best, and the right item to take pride of place in your home?

If you’re looking for one of a kind furnishings from the most expensive and luxury furniture brands, then read on to find out how to do just that.

The world’s most luxurious furniture brands

In terms of high-end furniture brands, there are several notable interior designers that are worth considering. These luxury furniture brands specialise in using the leading raw materials to create breath-taking home interiors and furnishings that are as much modern art as they are luxury furniture. 

Boca do Lobo

When it comes to expensive luxury furniture brands, Portugal’s Boca do Lobo exemplifies excellent taste in contemporary styles. The esteemed and innovative brand’s lavish and unique collection is handcrafted by artisans, combining traditional furniture making techniques with a modern approach, and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for furniture that really stands out and makes an impact.

Boca do Lobo luxury furniture items are found in stores such as Harrods, and currently take pride of place at a range of lavish venues including The New York Palace Hotel.

Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa is more than an Italian furniture brand – it’s a name that delivers exclusive furniture pieces in the manner you’d expect of high-end female fashion. Of all the Italian furniture brands, Fendi Casa is the most exciting and inspired, blending contemporary with tradition in a way few recently launched brands can compete with. For luxury at home in every stylish setting, this name is amongst the finest in the world.


Luxury Portuguese furniture brand Delightfull is fast making a name for itself in the interior design space thanks to its stunning collection of vintage inspired pieces, which includes everything from luxury lighting options like statement floor lamps, to unique tables worthy of pride of place in the world’s very finest hotels and clubs. There’s no denying it; the Delightful collection bristles with passion and elegance in every piece, and has the power to uplevel even the most minimalistic and uninspiring of spaces with ease.


Much-loved Italian brand Edra hails from romantic Tuscany, and merges exquisite artistry with a timeless feel. It all comes together in the form of immaculate sofas, couches, armchairs and other household furniture items with a decidedly rich and sumptuous feel, with the Edra furniture collection displaying a stunning attention to detail that is right at home in many of the leading art and design museums, and would look just as great in your beloved abode.


If you are looking for a luxury furniture brand that provides diversity in materials, finishes and products, then the innovative approach of Brabbu is amongst the best you’ll find. From rugs to furniture, this range ushers in vitality and energy into every homeland reflects an intense way of living, aiming to bring strength and power into an urban lifestyle in a way that lights up any room with ease. Its collection exemplifies the very finest in craftsmanship and innovative techniques, and brings with it plenty of personality for a unique look and feel.

Luxury furniture brands deliver high quality

There is no denying the most expensive luxury furniture brands earn their reputation. Be it coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, couches and more, these brands deliver a style of furniture that makes people gladly open their bank account.

Finding a luxury furniture brand you trust, with known designers offering the height of fashion ensures you can shop in confidence.

Homes Direct 365

Homes Direct 365 is a fast growing furniture company in the UK that started off in the French furniture niche and is still a big player in that space. The French style is still popular but not to the same degree it once was, which is why the brand has now branched out to new styles and trends and experienced a huge growth spurt during the pandemic as a result.

Known for its unique & quirky one off designs like its London style telephone boxes, Homes Direct 365 seems to be on the ball when it comes to discovering new trends and styles, making it one of the best options to consider when furnishing your home.

Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien is the work of world-renowned designers, and it shows. The merging of craftsmanship and culture, not to mention the liberal use of cutting-edge technology, has seen the brand develop a range of products that can’t help but turn heads. This design brand is a step ahead when it comes to setting trends, offering fresh ideas that are certain to make it a household name before too long.

Bentley Home

A name more commonly associated with luxury cards, this brand brings the same level of prestige into the home space through Bentley Home. A partnership between the esteemed  car manufacturer and Club House Italia – a company with a stunning track record in styling homes, hotels and yachts – it’s truly a match made in heaven. The combination of these brand names ensures every piece is designed and finished to the highest possible standard, and makes its furnishings the very finest you could possibly hope to have in your home.

Italian furniture brands amongst best in world

It’s evident that many of the leading luxury furniture brands hail from Europe, with Italian furniture brands and Portuguese interior designer teams being amongst the highly regarded in the world.According to furniture experts Fantastic Services, when it comes to dining tables and wood modern coffee table collections, you cannot go wrong with leading luxury furniture brands from Europe – and here at LLM, we’d have to agree.


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