There are lotteries in the UK that are free


Why is staying informed is crucial? It is because it gives an edge over other people. Despite the uproar about how expensive it is to play lotteries in the UK, the sure thing is that there are 100% free ones available.

Many like to fantasise about what they would do if they won a jackpot. However, the reality is that people are more likely to lose money than make some. Free lotteries, on the other hand, are not like that. These drawings are entirely free to enter, and the odds of winning are sometimes far more significant than in paid ones. It’s key though to avoid scams. Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones:

Pick My Postcode

The Free Postcode Lottery (now renamed Pick My Postcode) was the first and largest of all free lotteries. Every day, this website pays out up to £1,000 in its main draw, but if the prize isn’t claimed within 24 hours, it is given to the next winning postcode. Postcodes are chosen and published on the site daily. Players are urged to check the results daily, and if the chosen postcode is a match, a player can win.

Free National Lotto

The Free National Lotto has been around for a few years now and has a daily draw with a reward of £5 and a five-ball draw twice a week. It’s possible to win £2,000 if someone matches all five numbers in the five-ball draw pot. Prizes, on the other hand, must be claimed. There are three different lotteries to choose from, with rewards ranging from £5 to £2,000. In addition, free national lotto holds survey draws.

Free Birthdate Lottery

At the Free Birthdate Lottery, a random date is picked every day, and if it happens to be the day a player were born, they’d win a £10 prize. Only dates of birth from the database of registered users will be chosen for the Free Birthdate Lottery. However, winners must claim their reward.

If the £10 goes unclaimed, it does not roll over, and if multiple people successfully claim the reward, it will be divided among them. The Free Birthdate Lottery also holds a daily survey draw.

Selfie Lottery

It may not be right to think snapping selfies is a waste of time. Aside from being one of the various ways to increase social media following, random photos may win the Selfie Lottery cash.

The Selfie Lottery is like the rest of the free lotteries on this list. It’s necessary to submit a single selfie at registration, and it is entered into each draw. Every day at 1pm, a new winner is picked, and the lucky user has 24 hours to collect their reward. It’s possible to increase the bonus by hundreds of pounds by completing tasks such as surveys.

Lucky Emoji

Lucky Emoji employs a one-of-a-kind system. When creating a winning combination, use emoticons instead of numerals. It’s possible to win £10 if the emojis match the ones selected every day – but it’s necessary to check every day to see who won.

Free Jackpot Lottery

On the Free Jackpot lottery website, for signing up, you will be given ten free lottery tickets. You have a better chance of winning the weekly £1 million jackpot if you buy more tickets! There are various means to obtain tickets. For example, You may win up to 1,000 tickets every time you play their Lotto Game on a daily basis. You could also play the Spin Game every day and win up to ten tickets! Have you ever thought of shopping online and winning free tickets? If yes, here is your chance. allows you to shop online and receive free tickets with every buy.


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