These are the retailers where you can spend your cryptocurrency


A few days ago, bitcoin hit £36,000 – which marked a more than three month high as the cryptocurrency trend continues to rebound.

The value of the entire cryptocurrency market stood above £2.3 trillion on Sunday, according to data from Coinmarketcap, while it crossed the $2 trillion mark for the first time since May earlier this month.

As confidence continues to grow, more retailers across the world are beginning to accept different forms of cryptocurrency, from bitcoin to ethereum as payment for goods – some directly and other indirectly through third-party apps such as Bitpay.

These are the retailers located in the UK where you can buy from using cryptocurrency:

Phillipp Plein 

Earlier this month Philipp Plein became the world’s first fashion company to accept payment in 15 different cryptocurrencies.


The marketplace payments network accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment on its website, meaning that any merchant operating via a Shopify store can accept bitcoin.

Whole Foods

One of the first of those big retailers to adopt the technology was Whole Foods, which started accepting cryptocurrency back in 2019.


Microsoft became an early adopter of bitcoin in 2014 when it began accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for games, apps and other digital content.

Bitcoin can be redeemed as credit on a Microsoft account, which can then be used for a variety of its services, such as Xbox Live, Microsoft 365, OneDrive or Skype.


Lush was one of the first global companies to adapt to the use of cryptocurrencies, fully embracing them in 2017 when the cosmetics retailer started to allow bitcoin payments for orders on its website through a partnership with

It now accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment directly on its website.


Etsy itself doesn’t have a platform for accepting bitcoin as payment sitewide, but the independent sellers who use its platform can accept crypto in their individual shops if they choose. It’s up to the seller to add an “other” payment method option at checkout.


It was reported earlier this year that Amazon was joining the ranks of other tech giants, including Facebook, in laying the groundwork for its own exclusive cryptocurrency.

That said, the ecommerce company doesn’t directly accept cryptos yet however, customers can purchase Amazon vouchers through the company Bitrefill that allows them to use digital currencies with buying goods on the platform.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Asda and Argos don’t directly accept digital currencies at the moment but they all accept gift cards through Bitpay.


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