Celine delivers a “Portrait of an Actor” for its spring-summer 2021 men’s campaign. As usual, Hedi Slimane takes a full artistic range of his designs, photographing his latest collection for Celine on Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The 30-year-old British actor appears in moody black and white images focusing on the season’s elegant tailoring.

Embracing a certain nonchalance, Brodie-Sangster relaxes in a wardrobe of sharply tailored jackets, crisp shirts, and slim-fit trousers. Brodie-Sangster’s look is complete with accessories like Celine’s classic fedora or a pair of stylish sunglasses. This campaign, in particular, was shot in Paris and vibrates with an aura of timeless and classy elegance so often associated with the European city.


At first glance, the actor would fit right into a ’90s Paris bistro as a well-dressed, mysterious businessman. When viewing these photographs, attention naturally flows to his shiny rings on display at the very middle of the photo, drawing attention to the actor’s fingers, and sunglasses are used to mask his eyes—conveying an air of mystery that is further accentuated with his nonchalant expression and a brimmed hat. In addition, you can view the entire campaign as an animated video here. 

Brodie-Sangster poses in a seemingly abandoned staircase covered with graffiti for some of his photos, looking to the side. Here, a discrepancy is felt as someone clad in such formal wear is standing in a small staircase with random words thrown about, adding yet another element of mystery about who this man is.

Even fans familiar with Brodie-Sangster through his countless TV shows and movies acknowledge that this is yet another side of the actor that they haven’t seen before; it’s a much more cold and yet somehow mysteriously appealing version of him. 

In this photo series, the Love, Actually, Maze Runner, and most recently, The Queen’s Gambit’s actor also models pieces from Slimane’s closet, including a leather motorcycle jacket. Although this is Brodie-Sangster’s first time appearing for Celine Homme, he does have previous modeling experience with other luxury brands and retailers – including Mr Porter. 


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