Friend of “Sturm der Liebe” star found dead in the mountains – her father explains the tragic circumstances of his death


Actress Sarah Kork’s partner has not returned from a hiking holiday, he has been missing since then. The Las Vegas Police now have sad news.

Update from October 15, 3:30 p.m .: After the Las Vegas police announced the death of Thomas Knack on Friday, Peter Stork, Sarah Stork’s father, spoke up. He reported image from a conversation with the “Sturm der Liebe” star. The police told his daughter that Knack was frozen to death. “He was caught in a heavy snowstorm on his hike,” says Stork.

When his daughter’s friend left, the weather was still very nice. Therefore, he wore short clothes, but certainly had warm clothes with him, the actress’ father suspected. “He was found not far from where his last GPS signal came from. He didn’t crash or be attacked either, he just froze to death, ”he said image.

Knack was an experienced hiker and also physically fit. “This ending is just not typical for him,” Stork said. “Thomas was like a son-in-law to me, even though the two were not married,” said the 59-year-old. “I’m very sorry for his death, I really appreciated him, he was a great guy.” The authorities have not yet reported the cause of death.

Friend of “Storm of Love” star dead: police announce sad news

Update from October 15, 8.25 a.m .: Now there is a sad certainty: Thomas Knack is dead. This was announced by the Las Vegas police on Friday night (CET). It said on Twitter: “On October 14, officials from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department found the late Thomas Knack near a hiking trail on Mount Charleston.”

There are no signs of third-party debt, the exact cause of death is now being investigated. Actress Sarah Stork recently got in touch via Instagram and desperately asked for help. Now the heartbreaking news followed.

Sarah Stork: friend Thomas Knack is missing

First report from October 14th: Las Vegas – You can literally feel the desperation of actress Sarah Kork (34), which she now shares with her Instagram followers and the whole world. The former “storm of Love“-Star posted a picture of her friend Thomas Knack, underneath she writes:” Please help me “. After an excursion in the mountains, he apparently never returned; she received the last sign of life two days ago. Now the “Between us“Actress very worried and hopes for clues.

Ex- “Storm of Love” actress Sarah Stork: Your boyfriend is missing

Sarah Stork describes her desperation in English: “My friend went on a hiking excursion on Monday and has been missing ever since. The last GPS signal was on October 12. “He was near the North Loop Trail / Mount Charleston, a mountain near Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. “Please look for him!” She calls out to all those who are in the vicinity of the place described. She seems very discouraged, her fear for her partner stands out clearly: “We are so worried and any help would be very welcome”.

Sarah Kork on Instagram: Fans try to help her

The former “Storm of Love” star Sarah Kork is popular all over the world. People try to help her, diligently dividing the contribution Instagram. Even the TV broadcaster KTNV Las Vegas published an article about the disappearance of Thomas Knack. On Thursday morning (CET) someone inquires Follower from Sarah according to the current status, but the 34-year-old cannot report anything good. It is night in Las Vegas, which is why the search for him has been stopped. “Not until tomorrow at 8” is the search for him again, she writes on Instagram.

Shortly afterwards she wrote: “After a whole day of searching they had to stop because of the bad weather conditions.” Desperate, she adds: “Can you look for him? Another night in this cold … I can’t think of it. “(Ale)


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