Tips on How to Prepare for a Skip Hire


If you’re planning a home improvement project, you’ll likely need to hire a skip. Skips are essential to any building or renovation job, as they provide an easy and safe way to dispose of debris and waste. Click here for the various available skips for hire and choose one that suits your requirements.

But before you start your project, some important preparations must be made. This article will discuss how to best prepare for your skip hire so that everything runs smoothly and safely.

Remove hazards

Taking the proper precautions is essential when hiring a skip, not only for the safety of yourself and your family but also for anyone helping to fill it with waste. Before the skip arrives, take a moment to check that all potential hazards have been removed from the surrounding area, such as toys, furniture, and anything else which might present a tripping hazard. Also identify the potential hazards that must be removed before the skip hire arrives at your property.

Inform your neighbours

It is courteous to let your neighbours know if you intend on having a skip delivered to your property, as skips can take up a considerable amount of space where it is located. Making your neighbours aware beforehand allows them to make important preparations, such as planning parking and storage arrangements in advance, which can prevent any disputes arising later due to surprises. Informing your neighbours ahead of time is the best course of action when hiring a skip.

Make space for truck manoeuvring

The truck delivering your skip needs enough room to manoeuvre into place without damaging property or hitting obstacles along its route. Make sure there is ample space for the truck driver by removing objects from their paths, such as cars, bikes, or garden furniture, before arriving at your destination. If necessary, contact local authorities about temporarily closing roads near your property until the delivery has been completed successfully.            

Avoid manholes

When ensuring an efficient skip hire process, one should always be mindful to never place a filled skip directly above manholes or other underground services. The weight of the full skip, combined with any potential movement due to loading or unloading materials, could cause serious damage below ground level, requiring costly and laborious repairs. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that best practice dictates either avoiding placing skips over manholes altogether or monitoring them closely whenever necessary.

Arrange for hazardous waste disposal separately 

If you need to dispose of hazardous materials such as asbestos, petrol, or chemicals, these must be disposed of separately due to their potentially dangerous nature. Contact your local authority for advice on how best to do this safely. They may even provide special skips designed for hazardous waste material removal.


When hiring a skip, certain steps must be taken to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely from start to finish. Following these steps will ensure that both yourself and anyone else involved remain safe during the entire duration of your project. Finally, working with a trusted skip hire company will guarantee that everything goes according to plan with minimal hassle involved.


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