Tom Holland addresses rumours about buying a house in Kingston


After weeks of media speculation surrounding Tom Holland and Zendaya buying a house together in Richmond, the Spider-Man star finally set the record straight. 

In an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Holland took a moment to address the rumours and said: “I didn’t buy a new house!”

The Uncharted actor, who grew up in Kingston upon Thames, told the American presenters that his phone had been blowing up since several newspapers had incorrectly reported the rumours of the couple moving in to south west London.

In the interview which aired on 18th February, Holland exclaimed: “I have had so many people call me up because I bought a new house in South London.

“Which is completely false, I didn’t buy a new house!”

The star confessed he had no inclination of where the rumours originated and joked: “What a surprise! I wonder when I’ll get the keys.”

One resident from Teddington thought the rumours to be true after spotting Holland’s Marvel co-star Robert Downey Jr. in a local shop at the time Holland and Zendaya were supposedly moving in. 

Unfortunately all the excitement from residents was premature as it is now confirmed that the young Hollywood couple will not be moving in to the area.

Although you never know who you might bump into in south west London.

Members of the community around Richmond and Teddington have spotted Rob Brydon and Ricky Gervais, as well as of course RDJ, Zendaya and Holland.

South west London seems to be a hotspot for Hollywood stars so best to always keep your eyes peeled. 


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