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Online nootropic e-shops are a striking novelty that attracts the mass of people and persuades them to become clients. Nootropic manufacturers offer facilitation of your daily life and mental condition.

In a variety of nootropics, we can notice which of them clients adore the most, and one of such is Noopept.

Noopept is a synthetic supplement, similar to Piracetam. It boosts cognitive performance, supports your nerve system, but the primary difference between them is the speed of effect. According to scientific research, Noopept shows the full potential after half of an hour from the moment you swallowed it with your mouth. Moreover, the sudden effect does not mean lower quality. For that matter, Noopept works even longer and more potent.

The invention of Noopept takes us to 1990s Russia when building a new and complex neuropeptide version, Russian scientists improved Piracetam and gave it a name of Noopept. A few countries have forbidden the production of this smart-drug. Nevertheless, the consumption of it did not come to a stand. So why are people so impressed by Noopept? The fundamental answer hides in its benefits, so why not get to know them. Learn more about Noopept at Raw Powders.

4 significant benefits of Noopept supplement

Brain performance

The primary feature of Noopept is the maintenance of your brain efficiency. This supplement can also be called a cognitive enhancer that improves memory and learning performance. Usually, specialists recommend to take Noopept just before mentally demanding tasks because of several reasons: 1. we have already mentioned the first one, which is sudden effect occurrence; 2. the second one is memory reinforcement; 3. and the third one is attention boost. So what Noopept does is not only the increase of focus, it also assists in consolidating all your mental capacity when you need it most.

Noopept can serve as a preventive tool of cognitive decline. People who have a family history with brain impairments or already face such may try to include Noopept into their daily routine (of course with clearly defined dosage instructions). However, the lack of profound studies regarding Noopept cannot ensure a potent effect.

Alzheimer’s disease

Even though we have mentioned the essential feature related to memory decline, it is necessary to distinguish Alzheimer’s case. That is because of the amyloid protein, which often causes Alzheimer’s emergence. What Noopept does is the reduction of amyloid levels, which indeed decreases the possibility to face Alzheimer’s later in life. Get to know more by clicking here.

Anxiety reduction

Another feature of Noopept supplement is the support of your mental stability or in other words, the elimination of anxious feelings. Noopept interacts with the part of our brain called Hippocampus and there stimulates anti-anxious behaviour. In such a way, Noopept fills us with tranquillity and comfort.

Other scientific findings claim that Noopept has a quite notable effect on people with cerebral trauma and assists in the treatment of various brain injuries. That could be concerning the first feature – the cognitive performance improvement -, and second – interaction with Hippocampus.

However, some of the users reported the opposite effect, which could be related to too high dosage, other medication or other individual features.


Noopept has antioxidant features which could serve in the reduction of inflammation or prevention of some cases of cancer. As we know, antioxidants fight free radicals and in such a way, build a shield for cells that guards them against damage. Anti-inflammatory features both mind and body from any unexpected inflammation and ensure overall health.

Side effects of Noopept

Nearly every nootropic has a risk of side effects, and Noopept is not an exception. Some of those effects can be controversial, for example, as in the case with anxiety – even though this nootropic mostly fights any anxious feelings, some people still report the increase of them. It could be one of the possible side effects, even a rare one.

In a list of Noopept side effects, we could include unbalanced blood pressure that could be harmful to people with hypertension. Additionally, we could not exclude sleeping issues, headache, dizziness, fatigue, irritability or nausea. In some cases, short-time memory disturbs with Noopept.

Dosage of Noopept

Dosage is the primary part of starting to take a particular nootropic. Not following the rules could bring severe side effects, so in this case, you should blame only yourself. The dosage of Noopept usually varies from 10 to 30 mg per day, depending on the weight, height or other body features. We always recommend to start with the minimal dosage and then gradually increase it while supervising your body reactions.

Bear in mind that scientific studies related to Noopept only covers three months of usage, so we highly recommend you to take a break after this period (and of course while taking as well).

Stacked with other nootropics

Some of the nootropics react differently when stacked with other supplements. In some cases, those combinations can provide serious side effects, but in other, it could bring the improvement of efficiency. We will represent you some of the supplements that could consolidate particular outcomes of Noopept.

First in this list are racetams, including Piracetam, aniracetam or oxiracetam. The combination of it could strengthen the beneficial effect on brain performance, memory, attention and even mood. So if the single Noopept is not enough for you, consider adding any of racetams, in some cases it shows a significant effect, but, of course, in some cases not.

Second in this list is Choline, which has a very particular effect when combined with Noopept. Some users report that taking Noopept causes more headache, so what Choline does is preventing them. Choline supplements could be several, including Alpha GPC, CDP-Choline or other. So the variety of choices create an opportunity to choose what suits you the most.

Besides, you may even try to stack all them together, but then do not forget to customize the dosage for each supplement. When combining with others, bear in mind to minimize the dosage from the regular one (when you take a single nootropic). And again, we suggest you begin with the minimal dosages and then carefully increase it till the desired effects occur.


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