Top 5 London Taxi Apps


London Taxi apps to download now…

Standing outside in the rain, waiting to flag down an available taxi is a thing of the past. You can now choose your price, the type of car you want to ride in and find out how far away a cab, is all from your smartphone.


Uber is probably the most well-known (and most controversial) of London’s taxi apps. Once you choose your pick up and drop off locations, Uber will provide you with a fare estimate. You will also be given the option of which type of car you want to ride in and see how long it will be till an Uber driver is available. You do not need cash when you are using Uber – you can either pay with an uploaded Credit/Debit card or Paypal. After some concern about the safety of using Uber, there are now some great safety features – you are able to share your ETA (estimated time of arrival) with the people you are meeting and the app will show you your driver’s name, photo, vehicle make, model and registration number.


With 10,000 cabs in London, there is always a ride just around the corner if you book through Kabbee. Aside from having a cute logo, Kabbee works with licensed and vetted minicab providers to save you money on your taxi fares. Once you choose your pick up and drop off locations the app will tell you the closest, cheapest and highest rated cabs available. Choose your ride, how you want to pay and then confirm the booking. Every journey you make will reward you in miles that you can use to get discounts, upgrades and other special treats.


If you like your taxi journeys to be in proper London black cabs then this is the app for you. Hailo is really easy to use – just open the app on your smartphone and see your current location. Once you have put in your specific details tap ‘Pick Me Up’ and choose your payment type (cash, card or on account). Tap ‘Hailo Now’ and your driver will be on the way. You will be given the driver’s name and car registration number so you can find your ride easily when the app tells you they’ve arrived.


Another app that allows you to book traditional London cabs is Gett. Simply choose your pick up and drop off locations and then track your taxi as it makes its way to you (perfect for rainy days). The price is all done by the meter and you can choose to pay in cash or with a Credit/Debit card loaded to your account.  All of the drivers are rated and the more you use the app, the more status points you will earn and better the driver will be (higher rated). One more thing… if you’re in the City, Old Street, Chelsea or Knightsbridge you can have a bottle of Veuve Clicquot delivered!


Maaxi prides themselves on being the world’s first door to door public transport network – an app that allows you to share your black cab journey with passengers going the same direction as you. Once you open the app and choose your pick up and drop off location, it will tell you how many cabs are going in the same direction, how many passengers are being picked up and what your share of the journey will be. You can request to have all female or all male passengers, or you can book to be in the same cab as one of your friends.


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