VenueNext launches OrderNext into European market with limited-time offer


VenueNext, a leader in mobile commerce technology, is successfully launching into the European market on 16th April 2020 by announcing its first product offering, OrderNext. VenueNext is a platform operator that partners with businesses to create a unique application that services its customer base.

VenueNext offer multi-faceted platforms, with its offering and is being implemented across a wide range of industries, from sport stadiums to corporate campuses including Levi’s Stadium, Yankee Stadium and the Orlando Magic, to name a few. VenueNext is introducing digital ordering through OrderNext, a web ordering tool that can develop or supplement an e-commerce business by allowing digital payment and pick up facilities via a unique QR code. OrderNext is leveraging its technology to assist business owners within the food service and holiday park sectors to provide their customers with continued service.

In this time of uncertainty, OrderNext is offering restaurants and hospitals the opportunity to set up their own mobile ordering pickup service free of charge, for four-months. All onboarded clients will be provided a unique QR code that will navigate customers to a website for their purchases. Orders will then be collected from a designated location that is chosen by the service provider, eliminating human interaction in order to abide by social distancing measures. This process ensures that all health and safety regulations are met whilst offering an alternate method of operation for business owners.

Avery Felks, MD of VenueNext Europe commented: “The hospitality industry is undergoing unprecedented changes due to COVID-19. In this time of crisis, we are proud to be helping local businesses by giving them the opportunity to continue providing for their communities. Our user-friendly product makes the set up process a seamless experience, with the ‘Grab and Go’ element giving businesses the opportunity to adhere to government social distancing guidelines, whilst still offering customers their much-loved meals. There are many people who rely heavily on their local food service providers, which is why it was pertinent to us to offer this service free of charge at this time.

“Whilst this may be an uncertain time, we envision an appetite for VenueNext and OrderNext in the European market. We have promising partnerships in the pipeline and want to introduce the product in this time period, ensuring that the food service industry still has the ability to operate.”


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