Sudden turn in the case of the champion who died at 23: this is what the investigators discovered and the new hypothesis taken into consideration


Palermo, mix of drugs in the blood of Vittoria Campo, champion who died at 23: new hypothesis of the investigators

There is a sudden turn in the case of young champion who died at just 23 years old. Doctors after arrival at the hospital of Vittoria Campo, they have found there has cocaine and methadone in his blood. It is in fact possible that his death occurred due to a mix of drugs.CREDIT: PALERMO FOOTBALL

The family at the time chose to stay in silence, but the girl’s friends decided to talk about the change that the young woman had after the tragic death of her brother.

According to what the well-known newspaper reports The Republic, the doctors after the arrival in the hospital of Vittoria, have subjected her to several exams and analyzes. However, it is right after the arrival of the toxicological results that the sad reality has emerged.

In the player’s blood was the presence of cocaine and methadone. In fact, the investigators believe that his death occurred in due to a mix of drugs.

It will be only the autopsy to give concrete answers on this matter. It was performed on Wednesday 3 November and the coroner, after having carried out the toxicological tests, must understand if this tragic death occurred for a allergic reaction or drug abuse.

Vittoria Campo’s change after her brother’s death

The family saw the two severe losses which he underwent within a few weeks at the time he chose to stay silent. Vittoria’s friends, however, have decided to talk about hers change.

Last September 1st the girl lost the older brother 25-year-old Alessandro. They found him lifeless in his home. From that moment on, however, his life has never been the same.

Everyone says that before that mourning she was the champion sweet and sunny. In recent times, however, it had become gloomy and shy. He didn’t go out very often anymore and always tried to stay alone.

Also, after the promotion to Serie B of Palermo Calcio Vittoria suffered several knee injuries. In fact it had to stay away from the field for a long time.


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