Viviana Monge: who is Diego Bertie’s ex-wife and why did they separate?


Diego Bertie He has once again captured the attention of the media after confirming that he had a brief romance with Jaime Bayly almost 30 years ago. The actor starred in a controversial interview with Magaly Medina and spoke about her sexuality, as well as gave details of the bond he had with the famous author during his youth.

The interpreter clarified that he was never in love with the writer and stressed that he fully lived his sexuality, always supported by his close circle, his family and even by his ex-wife Viviana Monge, with whom he claimed to have a close friendship.

“I fell in love with a woman with whom I have two children. My daughter, 22 years old, and I have a son who is not mine, he is not my blood. He is a special boy, he loves me and I love him as if he were my son. That’s the kind of relationship I have.” exposed

Who is Viviana Monge?

Diego Bertie has always kept his private life out of the television cameras, so there is not much information about his ex-partner. In some television appearances he referred to her and defined one of her physical features: “She is not tall, she is short.”

Viviana Monge She is a psychologist from Lima who stole the heart of the actor when he had already become a well-known figure in the artistic world. That happened shortly after the controversy was created by the alleged, now confirmed, romance of hers with Jaime Bayly. Both were married in an intimate ceremony and had a daughter, Aissa.

In an interview with Milagros Leiva, the artist revealed that Monge was a fundamental support when he went through difficult times in his life. “My wife supported me too, a lot. She was a great partner. She is an amazing person”said.

Currently, both maintain a close bond and are very close in terms of their parental role.

The love story with Diego Bertie

Diego Bertie and Viviana Monge They met on a beach in the popular resort of Ancón. The young woman was an assiduous fan of the theater and she went to see the play “Bodas de sangre”, which included the participation of the actor.

Over time, love grew between them and they were married on May 8, 1997. His only heir was born in 1999 and the artist’s life took a drastic turn, but he always took his fatherhood very responsibly.

Diego Bertie and Viviana Monge on their wedding day. Photo: diffusion

“Our children need their freedom. I have always been a present father and my daughter knows that I am always there, ”she exposed.

Why did your marriage end?

Despite the fact that they had become one of the most established couples and besieged by the media due to the popularity of Diego Bertie, they divorced seven years after their marriage.

The actor was affected by the separation and even declared to the press that he did not want to remarry. However, he did not specify the exact reasons for the estrangement.

Who is Viviana Monge, Diego Bertie’s ex-wife and why did they separate? Photo: LR file

Diego Bertie assures that his daughter knows about his homosexuality

The actor confessed in his interview with Magaly Medina that Aissa, the daughter he had with Viviana Monge 22 years ago, is fully aware of his sexuality. Diego Bertie assured that she decided to tell him about it when she was a little girl.

“My daughter has known that I am gay since she was 6 years old, and I could have avoided telling her. I have never had a roll, but nobody can tell me to come out of the closet, “she said before the cameras.

Diego Bertie reveals that his daughter knows about his homosexuality. Photo: Capture ATV

Diego Bertie is honest about his sexual orientation

In an interview for “Magaly, TV la firma”, the actor clarified that he has always been transparent about his sexual orientation and that he is not concerned about what people say about him.

However, he felt that his family’s privacy was violated when Jaime Bayly’s column was published. “He exposed my privacy, violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career and did me a lot of damage,” he said.


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