Vodafone Ireland has today launched “Super WiFi” to help people get WiFi coverage in every corner of their home. Using the latest in mesh technology, Super WiFi extenders work together with the Gigabox modem to cover any blackspots in the customer’s home.

Over the past 18 months, the nation has relied more on WiFi and broadband connectivity than ever before due to the rise of remote working and as a result of spending more time in the home. According to recent research coordinated by Vodafone Ireland, connectivity and reliability are listed as the number one priorities for customers when choosing a broadband provider.

While it’s no surprise that reliable broadband and WiFi plays an integral role in our daily lives, it can also be a major source of stress and frustration when issues occur and connection drops. Super WiFi is designed to help customers overcome their coverage and connectivity problems, and the stress that comes with it.

Vodafone’s Super WiFi costs €5 per month per extender and is an add-on to its current broadband service, with a 30-day rolling contract and no additional hardware costs. As part of the package, Vodafone will offer a dedicated Super WiFi expert to identify the key locations within the home to carry out the installation and ensure customers’ specific WiFi needs are met.

To coincide with the launch of Vodafone’s Super WiFi, Vodafone Ireland has also introduced its 5G-ready Unlimited Mobile Broadband to the market. Customers can avail of the new offering for €45 per month (subject to a 12-month contract) in-store and online with no installation fee. For more information, visit www.vodafone.ie.


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