Was Arab Andy Sentenced To Prison? Bomb Threat And Twitch Explained


Arab Andy is not in jail right now despite the famous prank he pulled. The queries regarding his Bomb threat and Twitch controversy is explained below.

Arab Andy is a pretty controversial figure on the internet as of now. He is an IRL streamer on Twitch and Youtube who streams his real-life activities as content. And, he has also been involved with the legal authorities regarding his actions on a live stream.

Arab Andy: Wiki Age

Arab Andy is a professional Twitch streamer and a youtube content creator. He was one of the biggest internet fans of another popular streamer called Ice Poseidon. He started his career as a stream sniper for Poseidon’s stream. As his recognition grew, Andy started to be known as Arab Andy. Later on, he started doing his own streams and IRL content.

Moving on to his private life, we are yet to find much information regarding his personal background. As of now, we do not know what his actual age is, but an inference from his physical appearance suggests that his age is somewhere between 28 – 32 years. 

Arab Andy: Girlfriend

As per our research, Arab Andy was not involved in any kind of relationships. As far as the public information goes, he is known to be single.

Was Arab Andy Sentenced To Prison? Is he In Jail? 

According to Polygon, Arab Andy was arrested in Seattle after he walked into a University of Washington classroom doing text-to-speech pranks.

Arab Andy was lucky to avoid jail after he included a fake bomb prank on the live stream. The Youtube platform has taken the actual video down.

In this case, he set up his stream such that, the users or the viewers could choose what to text-to-speech option to play every time someone would donate. One of the options was “Attention! C4 has been successfully activated. Bomb detonation countdown successfully started.”

Komo News stated that about 30 people were attending a farewell reception in Savery Hall. However, the fake bomb prank resulted in a panic evacuation and a lot of tense moments. 

Judge sets bail at $75,000 for suspect arrested for UW bomb threat. Judge says Jammal Harraz could be a threat to public safety. Bail $75,000. @KIRO7Seattle pic.twitter.com/xw7QLK7rTp

— Alison Grande (@AlisonKIRO7) June 1, 2018

For this activity, Arab Andy was sentenced to prison but was released on $75,000 bail and on the condition that he is never allowed to make content.


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