WATCH: Don’t Play With Guns Twitter Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, and, YouTube


WATCH: Don’t Play With Guns Twitter Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, and, YouTube: As per the latest data, the criminal case of children is constantly increasing. A video that recently went viral in which a 12-year-old girl shot his 14-year-old cousin on the live stream. After this video went viral, a hashtag starts trending which read Don’t Play With Guns. This hashtag is raising concern that parents should be careful if they are possessing a deadly weapon like a gun in their homes and should take all the safety measures that can’t reach the children. Their slightest negligence can cost their children dearly. Keep on reading to know more about it. 

Don’t Play With Guns Twitter Video

The most tragic thing that occurred this week in the United States country is how a 12-year-old girl accidentally shot her 14-year-old cousin while doing a live video on IG, the Don’t Play With Guns Twitter Video Girl Shoots Cousin by Vacksyou went viral on Google social media that individuals called the Girl Shoots Cousin.

Several social media users who have already watched this terrible video stated the clip does not belong to the web. It is sad, that she knew that her life was gone be over and the guilt so she concluded her own life too, it is so sad. Rest In Peace, life still just starting and concluding too soon, someone wrote on Twitter.

As someone that uploaded on Twitter stated, “Video views 12-year-old girl fatally shooting her cousin 14-year-old prior to killing herself in a flat bathroom in St. Louis, please pray for their Family,” Vacksyou Twitter post. Several people regret watching the video because of the sympathy they feel for these children and their families that lost 2 souls within seconds.

There are two famous users of Twitter who shared the video on their profiles that millions of people are looking to watch online. We will try to include the real link at the end of this post. The video about this incident contacts graphics which is why we can not upload it here. This video clearly one thing that parents should be extra careful about while possessing guns kind of weapons in their home and also teach their children the results of it and also look at the activity of their children so that, this kind of incident should not happen in the future.

In recent times, a video has surfaced on social media platforms and has gained huge attention from people. It was a shocking and also a disturbing video for the netizens who have watched it online. The video contained two young cousins who were having fun in a live session on Instagram during which one of them shoot another one and then shoot herself as well. This incident has left people in deep shock. The netizens have been searching to know the whole incident and are also crazily searching for the video online. In this article, you will get all information about the incident.

Some days back, two cousins came live in that live session they shot themselves accidentally. As soon as the news and the video broke on the internet, it made the headlines everywhere immediately. The parents of the kids are in a state of shock since the incident happened. The cousins were met with each other for enjoying the vacations but their enjoyment turned into a brutal incident. Both victims were identified as Cullen Harvey and Paris Harvey. Paris was a 7th standard student while Cullen was an 8th-grade standard student.

During the live session, the kids were standing in front of a mirror and having fun with each other. Suddenly, Paris lifted up the gun and fired at her cousin, Cullen, and then she shot herself as well. The people who were watching the live stream were left in a big shock. It was a shocking incident after watching it people were disturbed as they haven’t thought while watching the live stream that something like that would happen. After this incident, the parents of the kids are shocked and are unable to say anything regarding the incident.

The incident comes after the video went viral on social media. Several new agencies have covered the news. Many people on the internet have been searching for the video still. The people who watched the live stream and the viral video are expressing their thoughts on the incident through social media platforms. As per the sources, the parents have denied lodging an FIR about the incident. We are searching to know more details about the incident whenever we will get more information about it, we will let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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