WATCH: Lorri Haines ‘White Powder Video’ Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Lorri Haines ‘White Powder Video’ Goes Viral On Social Media: A clip of an episode of a reality show titled First Time Mum is making huge rounds on social media. And that video is related to Ferne McCann’s boyfriend named Lorri Haines. According to the source, her boyfriend broke down into tears because of that video. The alleged video of Lorri Haines in which he is with a suspicious white power. But his reaction to that video shocked everyone. Now people are eager to learn about this matter in detail. however, we have written this article after reading numerous reports and news articles. If you want to explore this matter then you are at the right place. You are advised to stick with this page and kindly read down every section that is given below on this page. Kindly swipe down the page and start learning about him.

Lorri Haines White Powder Video
The most anticipating question related to this headline is what is in the video and why he cried after seeing his video? Lorri Haines is an entrepreneur and businessman who is based in Dubai. He also apologized to his girlfriend after the breaking out of his video. As per the reports, the Dubai-based businessman is being seen taking drugs in the video. And now this clip has gained an immense response from the netizens. Keep reading this article to learn more about this topic.

Lorri Haines White Powder Video Viral on Twitter

Lorri Haines currently is 31 years of age while his girlfriend is also 31 years of age at this point in time. It has come known that Lorri Haines’s alleged video surfaced on the internet on Sunday when he was on a holiday trip with his partner and children. Ferne was enjoying her trip to the Maldives when she came across Lorri’s drug video. Ferne would be remained reactionless after seeing the video. Continue reading this article to get more about this topic.

Lorri Haines White Powder Video Explained

Ferne McCann is a former TOWIE star and she already has revealed that she is likely to get married to him by the time she became 32 years of age. What did Lorri Haines say to her? Lorri said, “I am a burden to you, I just feel so guilty. How have I done this to you? I want to apologize to you. I know I have let you down, I have lost everything.” Lorri Haines said all these lines to his partner with tears in his eyes. Stay tuned to this video.


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