Ways Art In The Home Can Inspire And Excite You


From sculptures to wall prints, there are many different ways to inject a little intrigue and excitement into your home through art.

A carefully curated art collection is a sign of culture and good taste, and has the power to elevate any home to luxury status – but choosing the right pieces for the right rooms and places can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to interior design.

Nevertheless, it’s worth taking the time to work out what you like and what kind of styles will enhance the aesthetic of your abode, because immersing yourself in it can make for a truly inspiring experience. When you’re surrounded by such creativity and flair day in, day out, it’s almost impossible for it not to rub off on you – and while it might not turn you into the next Monet, it may well awaken your own creative talents in other ways.

From sculptures to wall prints, there are many different ways to inject a little intrigue and excitement into your home through art. Here, we take a look at some of the numerous ways this easy home update might just be the best decision you ever make.

Decorating with art

One of the easiest ways to stay inspired is by adding character to your home, and wall art prints can transform a space from a dull and unexciting one into a room you won’t want to leave. Acting as a focal point, the right piece will draw the eye and invite questions and conversation from guests. Choose something that you truly love and give it pride of place in your living room or dining area – there’s just something magical about handling and displaying a framed print that adds to the entire experience.

Let’s talk about colour

Colour can be used to great effect in any room, and your current or planned colour palette for a room should serve as a starting point when choosing your art. From here, you can look to pick out certain shades or patterns within the artwork itself, taking advantage of colour’s ability to set a mood – whether that’s to calm or uplift – but above all, inspire.

If you’re looking to create a light, dreamy atmosphere, then a pastel-coloured print is a great choice and can add a little lift to plain, neutral coloured walls. Monochrome statues or sculptures, meanwhile, will suit those looking to create a minimalistic feel, and will work perfectly against a pure white backdrop. To up the energy factor and really create a fun feel, opt for bold bright tones, or choose browns and earthy tones for a calming, rustic vibe.

The ways in which art interacts with you and your home is a key consideration, especially when we’re considering colour. Think about the room’s furnishings, layout, lighting, the wall space and how the art responds to each of these elements when making your choices.

Figure out your style

It’s important to know what type of wall art prints fit in with your personal style, as it is often said that your home should be an extension of your personality. Art is a great way to put your own personal stamp on a space and really make it your own – so consider your passions and likes when choosing, rather than simply what you think would look good, as there is usually a happy medium and a choice that will tick all of the right boxes.

If you adore flowers or animals, for example, choose a piece that incorporates these. If there’s a particular artist whose style you love, and whose work instantly lights you up when you see it, then take note and look for originals or prints that you feel truly deserve pride of place in your home.

The best shop for wall art prints

To breathe new life into your home, head over to The House Outfit, which offers a selection of beautiful prints that are certain to inspire you. Let the prints you choose do the talking and you’ll soon find your home is a place you won’t want to leave, with new ideas coming to you when you least expect them to thanks to your show-stopping wall art collection.

Allowing you to easily create a stylish gallery wall art in your home, The House Outfit’s collections are inspired by popular wall art and are grouped into clear categories to make it easy to find what you’re looking for


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