What Are The Formulas For The Perimeter And The Area Of A Circle


Geometry introduces us to various shapes around us. These shapes serve different purposes in the real world hence geometry as a study teaches us some important concepts about their measurements which make our lives easier.

The circle is one such common shape which we notice everywhere; hence it is essential to learn about the area and the perimeter of a circle and also how they are calculated.

A circle is defined as the shape consisting of all points in a plane that are at an equal distance from a given point called the center. Alternatively, it is the curve traced out by a point moving in a plane so that its distance from a given point is constant. This center is known as the circle’s middle point.

The distance from the center to any point on the circle is called its radius. Any line segment, the endpoints of which lie on the circle and it passes through the center is the diameter of the circle. With the help of a radius, we can find the area of circle. We observe circles everywhere. In our surroundings, the most common circle shape would be of the moon and planets. Long ago, the shape of a circle inspired the creation of a wheel which serves as the basis for most of the machinery in the modern world. Geometry, astronomy, and calculus all involve the study of circles.

The perimeter, as we know, is the path that surrounds a shape. In the case of a circle, the perimeter is defined as the circumference of the circle. An interesting observation was made about the circles that no matter how many circles were drawn, the ratio of the circumference of the circle and its radius was found to be fixed. And hence Pi came into existence. Here are some facts about Pi. Pi is a number that is used to describe the circumference to diameter ratio of a circle. Pi’s value remains constant regardless of the size of the circle.

Its actual value is marginally higher than 3, but we like to use 3.14 to simplify calculations.

The value of pi is an irrational number because it has an infinite number of non-recurring values after the decimal point. As a result of the discovery of Pi, the circumference of the circle was defined as 2 * pi * radius of the circle. Pi’s value is 22/7, which is rounded to 3.14 in decimal form.

It’s worth noting that the area of a circle, like the area of every other number, is calculated in square units. So, if you have a circular radius, square the length of the radius and multiply it by the value of pi to get the area of the square.

Area of Circle = (22/7)* radius*radius

While the circumference formula of the circle is 2*(value of pi)*radius.

The significance of the constant pi, as well as the simplicity with which the diameter or the area of a circle can be measured using only the value of pi and the radius of the circle, is a blessing to humanity. Students should be encouraged to practice geometry worksheets so as to increase their understanding of the concepts related to a circle. There are various online websites from where the worksheets can be easily downloaded. Cuemath is one of them, which has a variety of worksheets covering all the aspects of the circle. The students will not only get familiar with the various terms associated with a circle like a chord, tangent, arc, etc. but will also be able to calculate the area and perimeter of the circular shapes with ease.


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