What Are the Rules About Vaping Indoors in the United Kingdom and Europe?


Electronic cigarettes have been booming throughout the last decade. It is safe to say that e-cigarettes became fierce rivals of traditional cigarettes for many reasons, such as the variety of vape juices and vape pen configurations or the lack of cigarette smell. On top of that, it can be used by conventional cigarette smokers as an aid in giving up smoking thanks to nicotine-free e-liquid.

While one may argue that exhaled vapour is not as harmful as tobacco smoke and does not include staining and lingering elements, many non-smokers equate vaping to conventional cigarette use and say that the same restrictions should apply to both nicotine products. Currently, the smoking ban applies to public places, including bars, restaurants, workplaces, and various means of transport.

The same laws don’t apply to vaping yet, however, it is still up to property owners and public organisations to decide whether to impose certain restrictions. If you want to learn more about vaping indoors in the United Kingdom and how it looks in Europe, continue reading.

Brief History of Vaping

The first vape products were introduced in Europe back in 2006. Since then, they have gone through many legal battles globally, and bans and regulations concerned every aspect of the vape industry, from sales and production to the potential medical use of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.

Throughout the first years in the UK, they were relatively niche products connected with a close-knit community. Those communities soon grew bigger, and as early as 2010, the first big vape event was held – the Vapefest. Since then, e-cigarettes have caught on with the general public, and many laws have been passed, including strict restrictions concerning vape adverts imposed to limit the use of e-cigarettes among young children.

Currently, the vaping products market is flourishing. Numerous vape pens provide virtually unlimited customisation, and e-liquid manufacturers come up with even more sophisticated flavours. After the vape mod boom, many vape enthusiasts moved to more discreet vape pods. You can read more at vapekit.co.uk if you consider getting one for yourself.

Indoor Vaping Rules in the United Kingdom

Indoor use of conventional cigarettes has been illegal in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland since 2007. That means you cannot smoke tobacco in pubs, clubs, shopping centres and other public spaces, as well as in indoor workplaces and public transport. Shared spaces such as corridors or entrances are smoke-free areas too, and the only exception to the rule are explicitly designated smoking areas.


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