What are the rules regarding Snus in the UK?


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SNUS is a smokeless, moist powdered tobacco. It is sold as a loose powder or pre-packaged in a small sachet. Most Snus is manufactured in Sweden where it is regulated as a food under the Swedish Food Act.

Is it legal in the UK?

The status of Snus in the EU is rather unclear, and the same is true for the UK, despite the impending Brexit.

Neither possession nor consumption of Snus is illegal in the UK, but its sale is, so it cannot be sold in shops. This ban on sales began back in 1992, following the efforts of US manufacturers of chewable tobacco to introduce Snus to the UK. While the campaign initially was successful, it triggered an angry reaction both from the UK’s national health authorities and health campaign groups and NGOs.

Health authorities in the UK argued that Snus causes mouth cancer, which the government responded by introducing a ban in sales of the product throughout the country.

This resulted in a difficult legal position – while you cannot face consequences for owning Snus, you cannot legally buy it nor import it into the country, According pussit.com the status of Snus in the EU is rather unclear.

Those who bring Snus in small amounts for personal use in the country can do so legally.

How is Snus used?

Snus is placed between the gum and upper lip. The rate of the release is affected through the amount of salvia in the mouth. The nicotine it contains is absorbed into the body through mucous membranes.

Snus is not a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, although it causes different health problems than related to smoking cigarettes. For example, Snus is not likely to cause lung cancer, it is much more dangerous than when it comes to different types of oral and pharyngeal cancer.


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