What Happened To Kai Widdrington Teeth? Everything On His Partner And More


What happened to Kai Widdrington’s teeth? Know the reason behind his bright and that extra white smile.

Kai Widdrington is a popular English dancer and choreographer known for his dances in various reality TV shows.

In fact, he was one of the finalists of the 2012 Britain’s Got Talent which he participated in after winning the Junior World Latin American Championship in 2010.

Besides that, he is also known for Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing.

Recently, Widdrington’s fans are seriously wondering after seeing that Kai’s smile is actually brighter than it was previously.

Now they are curious what he might have done to his teeth to make them look extra white.

Did he undergo any medical treatment to get those shiny white teeth?

What Happened To Kai Widdrington Teeth?

Famous for his smile, Kai Widdrington’s teeth look extra white which hints that the person might have opted for some medical procedures.

It was in a photo taken on his vacation trip to Italy where his teeth looked super white in comparison to his other friends in the photo.

Below the Twitter post, one of his friends also mentioned him having those brighter teeth.

It was a few years back that Widdrington participated in a smile contest that was promoted by Teeth Whitening Fairies offering various related products.

It might be the effect of those teeth whitening products that Kai has got those shiny white teeth now.

Regardless of the speculations, Widdrington has not yet opened up about those extra white teeth of his.

Is Kai Widdrington Gay?

Despite the public rumours, Kai Widdrington is not gay in real life.

The rumours about him being gay started after he led the same-sex love on Strictly Come Dancing along with Johannes Radebe.

However, it was just for the show and the dancer is straight.

On the other hand, the talks about the romantic chemistry between Kai and his Strictly dance partner AJ Odudu is also a major topic currently.

The Sun reports that the girl has slowly fallen for her choreographer and now the public await the end result between them.

Kai Widdrington Partner Name

The name of Kai Widdrington’s partner in Strictly Come Dancing is AJ Odudu.

Odudu is a British Television presenter best known for representing the Channel 5 reality show Spin-Off Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, reports her Wikipedia.

The talks about their chemistry on the screen has left the audience in wonder if they are dance partners or real love partners.

In fact, the news now also mentions that the TV presenter AJ might actually be falling in love with the dancer Widdrington.

Regardless, the official news of their togetherness romantically is still far from the announcement as the viewers are eager to see what the coming days hold for them.


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