What Is Joseph Choong Parents? Here Are The Details On His Ethnicity And Origin o


Joseph Choong parents are proud after he won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Here’s everything you should know about his ethnicity and nationality.

Joseph, aka Joe, is a modern pentathlete who won the individual event at the Olympics 2021. In 2019, he had grabbed gold for his country in the team event at the European Championships.

Along with Joseph, Kate French also bagged a gold medal in the women’s modern pentathlon. Indeed, it’s a historic double for the Great Britain at the Olympics.

Who Are Joseph Choong Parents? Meet His Father And Mother

Joseph Choong’s parents are Michael Choong and Beverly Choong. He was born on May 23, 1995, which means he is 26 years of age.

Reportedly, Joe comes from a sports-enthusiast family. Everybody in his household loves athletics and has been involved in some part of their lives.

Apart from him, Michael and Beverly have another son named Henry. Interestingly, Joseph’s brother is also a modern pentathlete who competed at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics.

Moreover, his dad, Michael, is an academic person. Nevertheless, his wife claims that he is an excellent swimmer.

Speaking about Joe’s mom, Beverly used to play netball during her early days. Indeed, we believe that the parents inspired their two children.

Currently, he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Olivia Green. Just like Joseph, Olivia is also a modern pentathlete.

What Is Joseph Choong Ethnicity?

Joseph Choong belongs to mixed ethnicity. Indeed, his papa and mama belong to different races.

Reportedly, his father, Michael, is a Chinese-Malaysian citizen. Later, he moved from his native country to live in England.

There, he happened to meet Joseph’s mother. Speaking about Beverly, she has been a British citizen since her birth.

So, we can confirm that Joe is both Chinese-Malaysian and British. Undoubtedly, he respects both the culture of his mom and dad.

Joseph Choong has a Malaysian dad 👀 #doneclaim https://t.co/Zc2IX7ra6o

— Darren Goon (@Box_to_Box) August 7, 2021

Find Out Joseph Choong Nationality: Where Is He From?

Joseph Choong is of English nationality. He was born in Orpington, England, and had spent his childhood there.

Despite having a Malaysian background, Joe chose to represent Great Britain in international games. In fact, he is the first-ever British to win the European under-16 modern pentathlon.

Until now, he has bagged two silver and one bronze medal at the World Championships. Recently, he won a gold medal at the 2021 World Cup.

Everything To Know About Choong Surname And Origin

Joseph Choong’s family name is not an ordinary surname. Indeed, Choong is definitely not of British origin.

As we explained earlier, his father, Michael, has Malaysian heritage. So, everyone believes that Joe’s last name originated from Malaysia.

Indeed, everybody’s belief is true. In fact, the family name can be transliterated as Cheong or Chung in some Asian countries (Taiwan and Hong Kong).

However, the actual origin of Joesph’s surname comes from China. In fact, the real Chinese name for his patronymic is Zhong.

Interestingly, it is the 56th-most-common last name in China. So, there are high chances that Joseph might be a relative to those having their surname, Zhong.


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