Where Is Alison Dibnah Now, Is She Still Alive In 2022? Wife Of Fred Dibnah


Alison Dibnah came under the spotlight after people got curious about her whereabouts.

Alison Dibnah was the wife of renowned backstreet machinic Fred Dibnah. 

The crew of BBC befriended his family and kids, helping the jolly steeplejack become a beloved public figure.

Where Is Alison Dibnah Now – Is She Still Alive?

Alison Dibnah is currently still alive, but her husband died in 2010. She got a taste of fame when BBC made a documentary about her life in February 2015.

Since then, she has remained out of the public eye as she never wanted the spotlight. Time and again, people remember her and ask about her whereabouts.

13:30 The Fred Dibnah Story: Fred buys his house, the family go to a steam rally and Alison takes the girls on holid… http://t.co/KTlv7LuB6u


Who Is Alison Dibnah – Wife Of Fred Dibnah

Alison Dibnah was the ex wife of Fred Sibnah. Dibnah recalled first seeing her from the top of a roof. They were fated to be together as she walked into the pub where he was drinking.

He decided to strike up a conversation, getting engaged in just six weeks. The two got married in 1967. Although an extravagant ceremony was on the way, the couple faced disagreement over the wedding invited list and eloped to Gretna Green. 

The pair had their residence on the Earl of Bradford‘s estate and spent years restoring the property.

FredDibnah memorial chimney #glastophotooftheday pic.twitter.com/rmro7LU2TV

— GlastoPhoto (@glastophoto) February 8, 2022

Who Is The Family Of Alison Dibnah?

In an exclusive revealed by mirror Uk Alison Dibnah was the first wife of Fred Dibnah and had three daughters for him. She left him in 1985 while complaining that he was married to his engines.

After her, he did not stay sad for too long as he got together with his second wife, Sue. In 1996, the pair separated as he fell for Sheela for just two years.

Sheela was the one who took care of him on his death bed.

Sadly, all three wives got left with nothing after his death. Reports say he had an estate worth one million dollars that divided among his five children from his first two wives.

Why is it I could listen to Fred Dibnah for days? What a man! pic.twitter.com/zD1h48VUAt

— Greg Way (@Fallschirmjger5) February 2, 2022

What Is The Net Worth Of Alison Dibnah- What Does She Do?

As of 2022, the net worth of Alison Dibnah is still under evolution as she is not a public celebrity. Before marrying Fred, she worked as a hairdresser.

On the other hand, her ex-spouse worked as an English steeplejack and television personality. Alison didn’t like the risk of his occupation and prompted him to switch careers at times. The reason eventually led to their divorce.

Nonetheless, she aided her spouse as she managed his accounts, collecting debts. 


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