Where Is Sheryl Gascoigne Now? More On Paul Gascoigne Wife and Children


Sheryl Gascoigne is currently living with her children and enjoying her single lifestyle. Get to know her better.

Sheryl Gascoigne rose to popularity due to her high-profile romance with footballer Paul Gascoigne and eventual marriage to him. However, after two years of marriage, they had a pretty terrible breakup.

Bianca and Mason are her children from her marriage to Colin Kyle, while Regan is her son from her marriage to Paul Gascoigne. And it appears that they are all having a good time together.

Where Is Sheryl Gascoigne Now? Everything About Her Marriage And Children

Sheryl Gascoigne is currently a media personality and author. She is having a great time with her children.

She was recently seen with her daughter Bianca, and she was beaming with pride after her son Regan received the highest score in the series thus far.

Sheryl married twice. Her first spouse was Colin Kyle, and after their divorce, she married Paul Gascoigne in 1996. They divorced after two years of marriage.

Her new relationship is not mentioned again after that. She appears to be content with her life with her children now that she is single.

Everything About Paul Gascoigne And Wife Sheryl Gascoigne

Sheryl Gascoigne is Paul Gascoigne”s ex-wife. She is currently a media personality and author. 

In 1990, Sheryl and Gascoigne began dating. The two met in a bar and clicked right away. 

Sheryl had divorced her ex-husband Colin Kyle, the father of her children Mason and Bianca, and was happy to begin a new chapter in her life.

Her connection with Gazza, however, launched her to celebrity. 

Before divorcing Gascoigne in 1998, she married him for seventeen months.

She accused her ex-husband of physical assault and stated that it was the key reason for their divorce. Domestic violence, on the other hand, was a fixture in their relationship long before they married.

Sheryl claimed that the beating started right away. However, Gascoigne afterward apologized to her and lavished her with presents. 

He told her several times that it would never happen again, but drunkenness overtook him, and violence became a regular motif.

Gascoigne confessed in an interview four years into their relationship that he beats Sheryl regularly. He admitted to having an alcohol problem and stated that he is overcoming it.

On the other hand, Gascoigne was unable to turn a fresh leaf and save his marriage.

Sheryl Gascoigne Net Worth 2022

Sheryl’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $ 1.3 million in 2022.

According to the report, she earns roughly $ 32,000 each month as a British television personality and novelist.

Her children are all accomplished in their own right and can earn a lot of money.


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