Who Are Wayne Couzens Parents? Meet His Mother And Father On Instagram


Wayne Couzens is a former police officer who is born to his father Ray Couzens and his mother whose identity hasn’t been unveiled yet.

In 2008, he turned into a cop with Kent Police in Folkestone, Kent.

He lived in the highest level of a changed-over period property in Folkestone for a very long time.

His then landlord Shannette Roy said, “He had just barely qualified as a police officer and was working in Dover. He was a decent individual.

The main thing I found bizarre was the point at which he said he was heading toward Ukraine to get his better half and he brought her back.

NameWayne Couzens

Who Are Wayne Couzens Parents?

Wayne Couzens has a cozy relationship with his folks. His dad’s name is Ray Couzens.

He has not uncovered his mom’s name on any of his online media profiles.

His folks, then again, have not given an assertion in light of Wayne’s capture.

David Couzens is his more youthful sibling. He has additionally not disclosed any pictures of his family accessible.

The white ethnic cop, then again, is a Christian.

Prior to submitting a particularly egregious deed, Wayne Couzens had a caring group of four.

Does He Have A Mother?

Yes, Wayne Couzens does have a mother.

But he has kept every single piece of information related to his father hidden from the public as of now.

He is Ray Couzens’ child, Corrine Couzens’ stepson, David Couzens’ sibling, and Kevin Fowle’s nephew.

About Wayne Couzens’s Wife

Wayne Couzens has been hitched to his stunning spouse Elea Couzens for a very long time.

She was unable to accept he would do something so egregious to anybody.

She additionally communicated her interest and wish to know why he did what he did.

Elena didn’t wear her wedding ring, notwithstanding the way that she has not lawfully petitioned for legal separation.

She seems, by all accounts, to be embarrassed about her accomplice’s activities and needs to be separated from him.

Wayne Couzens’s Children

 Wayne Couzens is the pleased dad of two flawless kids.

There aren’t many insights regarding the youngsters on the web.

At the point when the issue was being analyzed, a couple of outlets gave pictures and data on his kids, yet netizens were shocked in light of the fact that it would have a mental, mental, and social effect on the kids.

More About Wayne Couzens

Wayne Couzens was brought into the world in Dover, Kent, South East England, England, United Kingdom.

In 1990, he began filling in as a light-vehicle body fix specialist at his family’s carport business BCB Dover in Western Heights, Dover, which was set up in 1967 and shut-in 2015.

He left BBC Dover in 2011 and later worked at the Dungeness Nuclear Power station in Kent.

In 2006, he wedded a Ukrainian lady named Elena Sukhoreba.

Since getting hitched to her, he has been learning the Ukrainian language and has been visiting Ukraine consistently, as indicated by his mother by marriage Nina Sukhoreba of Kirovograd, Ukraine.

In March 2011, he joined the Civic Nuclear Constabulary (CNC).


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