Who Is Big Jet TV Reporter Jerry Dyer Wife? Storm Eunice Live Coverage Made Him Viral


Fans are intrigued about Jerry Dyer’s wife because he has never spoken publicly about his marriage. Learn more about him.

Jerry Dyer’s love of all things flying has earned him a cult following over the years.

Due to Storm Eunice in February 2022, the producer of Big Jet TV observed a massive increase in viewers on his channel as fans watched jets battle to land safely at Heathrow Airport.

Who Is Jerry Dyer Big Jet TV Wife? Storm Eunice Live Video

Jerry Dyer appears to be a pretty private person, as he has never spoken about his marriage.

As a result, it’s unclear whether he has a wife or not, and it’s also unclear whether he has any children.

Not only has he kept quiet about his wife, but he has also kept quiet about his parents.

Dyer appears to be more concerned with his professional life than his personal life.

Jerry has been providing comprehensive live footage of the landing attempts at Heathrow Airport since Storm Eunice hit.

On February 18, 2022, Jerry’s YouTube channel had hundreds of millions of views as people flocked to observe the impact of terrible weather on the world’s most famous airport.

Jerry, speaking to BBC Radio 2, said: “This is the best scenario you could imagine – huge props to the airport pilots and crews; this is the most exciting stuff you could get.

“It’s pretty intense right now, with winds gusting to 70 miles per hour.

What’s more, you get to witness the pilot’s abilities and how they react to the situation.

Jerry Dyer Age -How Old Is He?

Jerry Dyer’s age could be in his mid-thirties, although his actual date of birth is unknown.

He is the owner of Big Jet TV, a prominent aviation channel.

According to his YouTube page, he hosts two weekly episodes where he shares his enthusiasm for flying.

Thanks to his lively and energetic broadcasts, he has gained a large following.

According to Jerry’s YouTube bio, he “works tirelessly to offer my Members the absolute best in LIVE Aviation footage, including Member-Only Feature, shows from international destinations as well as unique Airside shows from the most interesting Airports.”

“We live broadcast interesting, instructive, and thrilling information across all Aviation sectors,” Jerry says on his LinkedIn page.

“I provide the ideal live platform for airlines, aviation services, and technical specialists to promote themselves while giving free material to targeted audiences.”

Jerry Dyer Net Worth -How Rich Is He?

Jerry Dyer might be worth around $5 million to $8 million as he owns Big Jet TV. However, his exact income is not yet revealed.

As per the sources, BIG JET TV’s total net worth is unknown; however, our website Net Worth Spot estimates it to be more than $244.43 thousand.

However, some speculate that BIG JET TV’s net worth is significantly larger. BIG JET TV’s net worth might be as high as $342.2 thousand if we include all of his sources of income.


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