Who Is Colin Stafford Johnson Wife? BBC Two’s Wild Gardener Family Life Explored


Colin Stanford doesn’t seem to have a wife so far. So we assume he is unmarried to the date. So let’s learn everything about an Irish wildlife cameraman.

Colin Stafford-Jones, the host of The Wild Gardener, is a wildlife cameraman.

He has spent the last 30 years filming the world’s creatures and had some incredible experiences with wildlife, including humpback whales (see video below).

Colin is a filmmaker and television host who is most recognized for his work on BBC wildlife documentaries.

He has created at least 50 episodes of the RTÉ program Living the Wildlife.

Who Is Colin Stafford Johnson Wife? 

Even though Colin’s work as a cameraman is widely publicized, he does not appear interested in sharing details about his personal life.

Colin’s status as a married man is currently unknown. His first Instagram post was in 2017, but he hasn’t posted anything about his family since then, and all of his postings appear to be work-related.

Colin Stafford Johnson Age & Family 

Colin Stafford-Jones is said to have been born in 1964. At the time of this writing, he was 57 years old. Colin Stafford-Johnson was born and raised in the Dublin suburb of Cabinteely. His family had a nursery and garden center in the area.

In reality, his father, Barney Johnson, was Ireland’s first television gardener, albeit he died of cancer when Colin was just 15 years old. When Colin was about 20 years old, he left Dublin and lived in the United Kingdom, then overseas for years, working worldwide.

Colin Stafford-Jones returns to Ireland, where he grew up in BBC Two’s The Wild Gardener. Colin returns to his childhood country garden after inheriting it and transforming it into a wildlife preserve.

The Wild Gardener On BBC Two

On BBC Two, Colin Stafford-Jones presents the first two-part series (Friday, November 19, 2021).

The wildlife cinematographer goes home on a personal project after 30 years of filming the world’s critters.

Over two years, he hopes to transform his former childhood garden into a haven for natural species.

He tries to figure out how to entice the wild creatures best back; he starts by constructing ponds, clearing scrub, planting woods, and seeding meadows.

When some magnificent Disney-like animals start to come, the hard work is well worth it.

Meanwhile, Colin travels across the United Kingdom and Ireland, meeting other crusading wild gardeners.


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