Who Is Detective Superintendent Malcolm Hackett? Find His Wikipedia


Malcolm Hackett’s Wikipedia is highly demanded over the internet. As Malcolm was a detective and investigating officer of unsolved Suzy Lamplugh’s Case.

Moreover, the case is related to the incident where a British estate agent, Suzy was reported missing on 28 July 1986 in Fulham, London, England. Similarly, in reference to Suzy’s case, Malcolm was all over the news for his failure to solve the case.

Detective Superintendent On Suzy Lamplugh’s Case

Suzy Lamplugh’s Missing Case is one of the mysterious criminal cases in the British criminal records. A short brief about the incident is described below.

Way back on July 28, 1986, an Estate agent Suzy, was reported missing. Before reported missing, the victim had a property deal meeting with the client, Mr. Kipper. And as to attend the meeting she left her office.

Since then, she was not seen again, and after 8 years, she had been confirmed murdered in 1994.

Moreover, the prime suspect of the case, John, hasn’t opened his mouth regarding Suzy’s case. However, his ex-girlfriend reported to the police over his involvement in the killing of Suzy. Claiming that John himself disclosed it to her as posted DailyMail article in 2018.

Furthermore, when the prime suspect was interrogated by the investigating officer, Malcolm Hackett, the police couldn’t charge the suspect for the offense even though there were proofs to support John being guilty and a murderer.

For this very reason, Malcolm is still regarded as a failure over Suzy’s case where there were enough proofs to find John guilty. And there is huge anger and frustration over Malcolm in the UK because of his mistake; even as of 2021, the case is unsolved.

Is Suzy Lamplugh’s Case featured on Wikipedia?

Yes, Suzy’s case is featured on Wikipedia with the title”Disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh.”

Explore Suzy’s case on  Wikipedia to know more about it.

Malcolm Hackett’s Wikipedia

Malcolm Hackett has not been documented by Wikipedia.

Despite his Wiki page being highly demanded as he gained popularity through his involvement as an investigating officer in Suzy Lamplugh’s Case but yet there exists no bio dedicated to him over the internet platform.

Nevertheless, his nationality is disclosed, and as per that, he holds British nationality.


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