Who Is Hamish Badenoch? Everything To Know About Kemi Badenoch’s Husband


Hamish Badenoch is married to British Politician wife Kemi Badenoch since 2012. Who is he? Here is everything we know.

Hamish Badenoch is well known as the husband of Kemi Badenoch. 

Hamish is also a professor, a bank employee, and is a master in a financial institution. He has worked in many different financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank.

He worked in the Deutsche Bank for over 11 years, and he was also the COO of Global Markets, UK. His LinkedIn profile provides all the information about his experiences in the different financial sectors. 

Hamish’s wife Kemi is a 41-year-old politician who has been the MP for Saffron Walden since 2017. She is in a good position in her career and is a member of the conservative party. 

Who Is Hamish Badenoch? Kemi Badenoch Husband And Their Children

Hamish Badenoch got married to his wife Kemi for around a decade now.

They both first meet at a local conservative association in the year 2009. From then their dating life began and the couple soon got married in 2012.

Currently, they have 3 children, with one son and two daughters. There is not much detail about their personal life in the online media. 

Despite that, Hamish is a loving husband, and Kemi is seen talking about her marriage life, saying a good husband needs to be a great politician.

Hamish Badenoch Age And Wiki

Hamish Badenoch’s age is expected to be around 40-50 years old. 

Though Hamish has not yet mentioned his exact date, we can compare his age to his wife, who is now 41 years old. 

Hamish is a person who is much more interested in-office job rather than being a politician like his wife. 

He has worked in many different financial institutions, and not only that, but he was also the school government at St Thomas the Apostle College, and of the Jubliee Primary School.

Both the school are located in London, and Hamish is also living in London with his wife and children. 

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— Kemi Badenoch (@KemiBadenoch) July 8, 2021

What Is Hamish Badenoch Net Worth? 

Hamish Badenoch’s net worth is expected to be in thousands of dollars. 

He has worked in Banks which provides a good amount of salary, and while his work at being a governor, he might have got a heft amount of paycheck. 

Also, both Kemi and Hamish are living together and share their expenses equally, like a good husband and wife. 

So we can say that the couple together is very prosperous and are in good financial condition. 


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