Who Is Jane Dougall Husband? Everything To Know About Her Married Life


You might be desperate to know about Jane Dougall’s husband. Jane Dougall is the presenter at BBC and host of TV programs.

Jane Dougall, the voiceover artist, is currently working as a sports presenter at the BBC. The presenter usually is on the top by her presenting skills on TV. 

The lady presenter proudly announced the secured position by BBC in the right deal for the Women’s Super League for the upcoming three years. 

She also has extensive experience as a reporter, presenter, and producer. Between 1999-2004, the reporter has worked in BBC for over five years.

Jane Dougall Husband- Who Is She Married?

Jane Dougall was happily married to her supportive and caring husband.

Ellen White’s husband Callum accepts the player of the year award on her behalf. Ellen can’t be here because she’s on a hen night! #FAWSL pic.twitter.com/slSvaIAxyf

— Jane Dougall (@janedougallbbc) June 1, 2018

As reported on social media, the Scottish journalist engaged in 2008 and is currently happily married. Her husband, on the other hand, is unknown. The real identity of her husband is under the table.

Currently, she is living in London, England. Particularly, her husband is probably a supportive one. The couple seems to have no kids since there is no record.

Even though netizens want to know more about her married life, she keeps her mouth shut down. She prefers privacy in her personal life.

Jane Dougall Age-Who Are Her Parents?

As reported on social media, Jane Dougall is currently around 43 years old. 

Murdo!! I had no idea, congratulations. Wishing you the best of luck in your new adventure @murdoness https://t.co/kFsC9egHtF

— Jane Dougall (@janedougallbbc) November 28, 2021

The journalist was born in 1978, in Glasgow, Scotland, with a Britsh Nationality. Her mother, Elma Dougall, is the backbone of her life. 

The lady started to work in the BBcain in 1999, at the age of 21. At that time, she was graduating from University. 

Following her education, she has completed her graduation from the University of Strathclyde in her hometown. She got her bachelor’s of Arts degree in English in her hometown in Scotland.

A recorded on Dailyrecord, and she became the first Scot woman to skydive over Mount Everest. The reports state that her stomach was in her mouth as she went through the drills last time. She just kept silent and enjoyed the moment.

Jane Dougall Wikipedia Bio-Explored

Jane Dougall is one of the searched reporters on Wikipedia. 

We are so, so pleased to announce that the BBC has secured a new rights deal for the Women’s Super League for the next three years. The BBC will show live games from the WSL on BBC One and BBC Two – starting from September this year. Giddy!! pic.twitter.com/L1izlLZEwY

— Jane Dougall (@janedougallbbc) March 22, 2021

When she appears on TV news with new stories, her fans and followers search about her a lot. Based on IMDb, she is popular for her works on Sky News: Sunrise (1989), BBC News 9 (2018), and Five News (1998).

Her LinkedIn profile reveals her 21 years of work experience. She worked at ITV Granada for three years, located in Machester, United Kingdom.

Apart from this, the reporter worked at Channel Fice News from September 2007- October 2010. Moreover, she has been involved as a reporter/presenter at Sky News (2010-2012), Skysports (2012-2019), and BBC ( 2019- present).


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