Who Is Jeanette Kwakye’s Husband? Details On The Partner Of The Sports Broadcaster


Jeanette Kwakye is married to Tokunbo. Both of the couples are from Nigeria and have got two beautiful children. 

Jeanette Boahemaa Kwakye MBE is a retired British sprinter.

She is currently in Tokyo, covering the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Husband Or Partner: Is Kwakye Married?

Yes, Jeanette Kwakye is a married woman.

She is married to Tokunbo. The couple exchanged vows in August 2016.

Who Is Jeanette Kwakye’s Husband?

There is less information available on Jeanette’s husband.

Tokunbo also shared the same heritage as his wife. They are both from Nigeria.

He celebrates his birthday on June 30th.

Net Worth Of Jeanette Kwakye

The net worth of Jeanette Kwakye is not discussed.

We tried our very best to search for Kwakye’s earnings on the web, but we could not get a hand with anything.

All of her prime years, she had dedicated herself to the athletic world of being the best sprinter. She has earned massive prize money from tournaments.

She has written a children’s book called “Femi the Fox.” From there, Jeanette earns not huge but a steady small income.

It has not been long since Kwakye started broadcasting. In this profession, an experienced person can generate massive wealth.

The day we get notified of her actual net worth, we will surely update our website.

Jeanette Kwakye’s Instagram

Jeanette Kwakye’s Instagram is under the handle of @justjnette. She is a verified account on this platform. Jeanette has got a blue tick on her Instagram.

She has got more than 5k followers.

Jeanette is currently in Tokyo to cover the Summer Olympics. Her recent post shows Kwakye interviewing an athlete from Great Britain. People were bombarding comments like “Heartbreaking to watch but such a compelling and honest interview,” “Interview was raw and powerful.”

Kwaye is also on Twitter. She has got a lot of followers on Twitter than on Instagram. 19.9k followers on Twitter are following Jeanette.


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