Who Is Kathryn Louise Burn Boyfriend Rob Deano? Meet The Couple On Instagram


Kathryn Louise Burn, the contestant of Apprentice 2022, is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Rob Deano. She is competing for Lord Sugar”s £250k investment.

Kathryn Louise Burn, 29, owns an online pyjamas store in Swindon. The businesswoman from Swindon is all set to participate in The Apprentice 2022. 

The Apprentice is a British business-styled reality game show where businesspeople compete for Lord Sugar’s £250k investment. The show is now all set to reveal for series 16.

The middle-aged young entrepreneur will compete with the other 15 candidates eager to get into the boardroom and secure cash. As reported on Radio Times.Com,  she is on the show not to make friends but to win the show and grab the cash amount. 

The Apprentice: Who Is Kathryn Louise Burn Boyfriend Rob Deano?

The Apprentice contestant Kathryn Lousie Burn is with her handsome boyfriend, Rob Deano.

She shows her intense love via her Instagram account @kaggzlouise. The couple shares love, sorrow, and happiness with each other.

On January 18, 2019, she shared a photo with a guy captioning, “Another place ticked off the bucket list with hubby.” The lovely couple enjoys the company and travels every corner of the world together.

Her boyfriend Rob looks supportive to her. He seems to be a loyal guy with intense love in his heart.

Kathryn Louise Wikipedia-Her Age

29 years-old Kathryn Louise Burn is currently not accessible on Wikipedia.

Since she has not gained fame, she is yet to get featured on Wikipedia. However, she is in the spotlight for being the contestant of The upcoming business-related reality show, “The Apprentice.”

Daily Star has reported that Louise made her debut on TV reality in 2017. According to the source, she believes herself capable of the show.

In the past years, her appearance on TV reality shows helped her brand titled become popular and famous on social media.

Kathryn Louise Parents- Who Are They?

Kathryn Lousie has an amicable relationship with her parents.

Her parents are much supportive of her work and her passion. As a young entrepreneur, she defines herself as an ambitious, kind, and savage businesswoman.

All of these characters are somehow inherited from her parents. Her dream is extensive, and she has a massive aim that she needs to fulfill.

Even though she does not reveal the name of her parents, she has exposed the facial identity of her parents via her IG account.

Kathryn Louise Net Worth- An Entrepreneur

Kathryn Louise, an entrepreneur, might have an estimated net worth of over $1 million.

Since she is a businesswoman, she could handle the bunches of money on her hands. She owns an online store @mychristmaspyjamas and is now launching @myeverysaypyjamas in January 2022.

Her allure pyjamas are not just for humans but also the pets and the entire family with a specific range.

As of now, she is competing for Lord Sugar’s £250k investment in The Apprentice.


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