Who Is Khadijah Misr? Judd Trump Snooker Wife Or Girlfriend -Details To Know


Snooker professional Judd Trump is in the limelight for his alleged affair with Khadijah Misr. Let us explore if she is Judd’s wife or girlfriend.

Khadijah Misr is a well-known celebrity partner. She is popular as the long-time ex-girlfriend and rumored wife of English snooker player, Judd Trump of Bristol.

Trump began his career while he was in his preteens. He competed in English U-13 and U-15 championships and even reached the semi-finals of U-21 when he was 14.

Judd began his professional journey at the 2005 Welsh Open. Following that, he took part in China Open, Australians Goldfish Open, Shanghai Masters, Wuxi Classic, and many more.

Trump has gained victory in several championships starting from the 2011 China Open. In between the years, he won a lot of medals, and recently in 2021, he gained 2 medals in German Masters and 2 others in Gibraltar Open.

Who Is Khadijah Misr? Judd Trump Snooker Wife Or Girlfriend

Khadijah Misr is the former long-term girlfriend of the famous snooker player, Judd Trump.

She is also a business owner and an Instagram model. She specializes in Botox and runs the Manchester-based aesthetics clinic, Botox & Beyond.

Alike her beau Judd, she is also quite popular in the modeling industry. Moreover, she has an immense fanbase on social media platforms.

Misr, however, earned the spotlight after dating Judd. Their love-life details are concealed from the public but they were in a relationship.

As of now, the couple has parted ways and both of them appear to be single.

Khadijah Misr Age: How Old Is She?

The estimated age of Khadijah Misr is between 25-35 years old.

Her birthday details are beyond our reach but she is definitely youthful. She shares her gorgeous pictures on virtual platforms and her fans eagerly wait for more.

Explore Khadijah Misr Wikipedia

Judd Trump’s ex-girlfriend, Khadijah Misr is not featured on Wikipedia.

As far as we know, she is a social media sensation as well as a model. Also, she is a  beauty practitioner who specializes in botox.

Misr is also a business owner as she operates a clinic named Botox & Beyond. Besides, we have no knowledge of her academic details.

On the contrary, her former boyfriend, Judd is a popular snooker player. He is a former World Champion as well as a World Number One.

Where Is Khadijah Misr From? Nationality & Ethnicity Revealed

Khadijah Misr is originally from England and is based in Manchester.

As a result, she has English nationality. Although she appears to be of mixed ethnicity, the actual details are still anonymous.

Find Khadijah Misr On Instagram

Khadijah Misr can be found on Instagram as @khadijamisrx.

She has crossed more than 86.7K fan following and mostly uploads her modeling photos. Moreover, her fans eagerly wait for her next post and support her as well.

Besides, Misr’s pictures are evidence that she has a perfectly curvy body with a stunning height.


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