Who Is Life2lavish? Boy Arrested In Suspicion Of Peckham Stabbing Murder Of Kwame


Life2lavish has been arrested on suspicion of Peckham stabbing, a man named Kwame Boateng was brutally stabbed and killed in Peckham recently.

Life2lavish is a British content creator, vlogger, and YouTuber. He has over 75.3k subscribers on his youtube channel, the YouTuber started his channel back on April 8, 2017.

The content creator posts all kinds of videos on his channel. His content ranges from challenges, games to music tracks and many more. He has also posted and performed several pranks on his channel.

He has been making headlines across the internet recently after his mugshots and rumors of his arrest went viral on the web.

Let us learn more about Life2lavish arrest and take a closer look at his age and parents.

Who Is Life2lavish? Boy Arrested In Peckham Stabbing

Life2lavish is an internet personality and content created.

But the boy is rumored to be arrested in the Peckham Stabbing case as of now, he is trending on the social media platform and is making headlines across the internet as of now.

According to a Reddit forum, Life2lavish has been arrested in connection to the murder of Kwame Boateng. But some of his fans and followers are saying his manager has denied such news on the same forum.

Similarly, no official statements from the authorities or the Life2lavish’s management have come to the surface yet. It could just be a fan-started rumor. The confirmation will soon come into the public domain if the allegations against the YouTuber are true.

What Is Life2lavish Age?

Life2lavish seems to fall into the age group of 25-30 years old, judging by his images and career.

However, the internet personality has never revealed anything about his age or his actual date of birth to his fans and followers yet.

His fans and followers are having a very hard time wishing Life2lavish on his birthday. Making predictions on his personality based on his zodiac sign is also not possible as of now.

What Is Life2lavish Real Name?

Life2lavish has not revealed his real name to his fans and followers yet.

Nonetheless, the YouTuber is well known for his moniker among his fans and followers.

He is seen actively using all social media accounts with his moniker Life2lavish and has not used his real name anywhere on the web yet.

I wonder anyone among his fans and followers knows him by his real name yet. It seems very unlikely at the moment.

Is Life2lavish On TikTok?

We can find Life2lavish on TikTok with his username @life2lavish2.

He has over 45.9k followers on his TikTok account and has received over 1.4 million likes on his videos.

Similarly, we can also find him using Instagram and YouTube very actively as well. After all, he is an internet personality.

Who Are Life2lavish Parents?

Life2lavish has not spoken anything about his parents or family on the web yet.

Despite being very active on social media platforms, he seems to be very careful to not leak anything about his personal life on the web.

Life2lavish has not revealed anything about his father or mother including their names and occupation on the web yet.


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