Who Is Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old? Real of Fake Debunked


Who Is Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old? Real of Fake Debunked: A few days back, people were left stunned by a video of a monk, who was whispered to be 163 years old. Now, some users of the Internet have come to believe that there exists a lady who is 399 years old, but it is not true. The viral video clip of the monk has given rise to many theories ever since it first comes up on TikTok in the month of January. Here is everything you require to know about the lady who many erroneously believe is 399 years old as another hoax takes over the web. Continue to read to know more about it.

Who Is Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old?

The users of the Internet were in disbelief when they first came across videos and reports that were apparently the existence of a lady who is closely 400 years old. Though this information is false and the person in the video is the same monk who became an internet sensation owing to his age. The video clip is making rounds on the Internet once again, with some falsely asserting that the person watched in its is 399 years old. The obsession of the Internet with the Buddhist monk, Luang Pho Yai or Luang Ta, does not seem to rest. So, here is everything you need to know about him.

Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old Real Name

The real age of Luang Pho Yai is 109. The Buddist monk lives in Thailand and garnered global prominence through the videos shared by his granddaughter on TikTok under the handle @auyary13. Her profile consists of many TikToks of Luang Pho Yai. One viral video in which he is watched praying for a little girl from the hospital bed has collected over 88 million views so far! The caption of the video reads that “When the little grandson came to call Luang Ta can feel the care and love. Called to knock on the head for the great-grandchildren Amen.”

Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old Dead or Alive?

The oldest person in the world alive is Kane Tanaka as reported by CNN. As per the post shared by her granddaughter on Twitter, Kane is 119 years old. Junko uploaded a photo of her great-grandmother on 1st January and captioned it: “Great achievement. (Kane Tanaka) reached 119 years of age. “I hope you will continue to live life cheerfully and to the fullest.”

She has lived through many historic events including the two world wars and the Spanish flu of 1918. The Guinness Book of World Records identified her as the oldest living person in the world in the year 2019.

A video of the woman has been making the rounds on the web, we are talking about the oldest person who is making the round on the internet. The video of the oldest person is surfaced on TikTok first and from there it started to be getting viral and people are claiming that she is 399 years. Users are in the confusion, whether it is true or not. So you guys are on the right platform, as we will going o be update you with the confirmed details of it.

Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old Is Fake

The clip which has been getting viral is proven wrong as if we checked out the claims from Guinness World Record, as this person is already recognized as the oldest person who exits on the show. The internet has been obsessed with 163-year-old, monks on TikTok. Now, some of the netizens are claiming that someone else is there who is older than a monk and is alive. In the video, you can see that the oldest person in the video is looking so dull pale, and almost near the age of 400 years. And she is unable to speak and talk due to her old age. Users of the internet are in the argument about the monk and the age of the women, and now it is proved that they don’t exist. A person who is seen in a video is a monk.

The name of the monk is Luang Ta or Luang Pho Yai. And as per the confined reports, he is 109 years old and is living in Thailand. He is getting viral just after the video has been surfaced on the Toh Toh from there the user is still engaged n sharing it to their followers, this video has been crossed millions of views.

Who is the oldest person living?

The Guinness World Record ga be verified on January 20, that Kane Tanaka is the person who is the oldest living he is from Fukuoka, Japan. And the same woman is 119 years old and was born on January 2, 1903. Kane Tanaka has been surviving two worlds war and also survived n the two global pandemics. He married tp he cousin at the age of 19 and become a mother of four children later she also adopted a daughter. She had been seen her husband and sons go to the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 and witnessed their return.


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