Who Is Patrick Edwards? Everything You Need To Know About Brenda Edwards Husband


Patrick Edwards is the father of Jamal Edwards along with Brenda Edwards, mother of Jamal. Scroll down to know more.

Patrick Edwards is well-known for being the husband of Brenda Edwards and the father of Jamal.

His wife Brenda Edwards appears on the Loose Women show, a British talk show that broadcasts on ITV weekdays along with her son on 18 November.

Some viewers picked up on Brenda’s behavior while others supported her for being a strong mother.

His son is also well-known for being the founder of SBTV, an online media that explore new music. Let’s search more about the celebrity spouse.

Patrick Edwards: Brenda Edwards Husband

Patrick Edwards is married to Loose Women star Brenda Edwards as her husband. 

You can tell Brenda is shy/nervous right now#LooseWomen

— Melvin (@mtkigz1) November 18, 2021

Sources disclosed that the couple was married in 1996 in the presence of their family, friends, and relatives. The lovely couple is still together and living his life happily with their children.

Patrick is the father of two children, Jamal and Tanisha. Recently, his wife and son appeared together on the TV talk show Loose Women.

His son Jamal joined the panel on November 18 that makes nervous to Brenda. The family members inspired each other.

Jamal recently exposed the inspirational story of her mother. During the show, he said that he used to do homework when his mother worked hard in the pub.

Patrick Edwards Age & Instagram

Patrick Edwards is probably between the age of 45-50 and seems inactive on Instagram.

His son Jamal is currently 30-years-old. Though there is no more information on social media regarding Patrick’s life.

Jamal achieved MBA and MBE degree and became an entrepreneur in 2006. Later, he founded his own online media platform where he tried to explore new music.

Even though there most people are available on Instagram, Patrick does not have an account as of now. However, his son Jamal has Instagram @jamaledwards, a verified account with 127 k followers.

Patrick Edwards Net Worth

Patrick Edward’s net worth is still undercover. There is no information regarding his net worth.

A clip from today’s episode of @BBCSoP celebrating Black History recorded @chatsworthofficial full episode today on @bbcone at 1:15pm #SongsOfPraise #history #howgreatthouart #Sunday #blackhistorymonth #sing pic.twitter.com/3DQQRVNOwf

— Brenda Edwards (@brenda_edwards) October 17, 2021

Reportedly, his wife’s net worth is estimated between $1 million- $5 million. Whereas, his son has a net worth of approximately $ 10 million.

Besides Loose Women, Brenda is a singer, actress, TV personality, and presenter. She also appeared in the second series of The X Factor in 2005. 

Whereas, his son is the founder and creator of SBTV and owns the Sony subsidiary record label Just Jam.


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