Who Is Poppy Jay? Wikipedia & Age Details Of Brown Girls Do It Too Podcaster


The web star, Poppy Jay, who has been co-hosting the podcast ‘Brown Girls Do It Too,’ hasn’t been listed on the Wikipedia page. Learn her full biography including her career highlights in this article.

Poppy Jay is a celebrated podcaster from East London who has been co-hosting a podcast called Brown Girls Do It Too. She is best known for her wide-ranging work such as a documentary about ‘Stealthing’ and sexual content to youth going on a ‘birth stike.’

The podcast ‘Brown Girls Do It Too,’ is an open chat about how sex is firmly off-limits for most Asian girls. The series was mostly for South Asian communities that run for two successful series on the BBC Asian Network.

Recently, Poppy Jay appeared on the BBC game show titled Celebrity Mastermind, where she got quizzed on specialist subjects in the Mastermind black chair.

Who Is Poppy Jay? Her Wikipedia

Poppy Jay is a web star mostly known for her thought-provoking works. She co-hosts a podcast series titled Brown Girls Do It Too, on BBC Network, alongside Rubina Pabani.

Despite her exceptional work, Poppy Jay hasn’t been recorded on the mainstream page Wikipedia with her biography. However, we have tried our best to explain her personal and professional information in this article for your knowledge.

Poppy Jay has break all the stereotypes with her podcast where she discusses the taboo topics of sex within the Asian Community. Moreover, she has served on BBC3, Vice News, and Channel 4  with her outstanding works.

Jay was also honored with the Best Podcast Award for ‘Brown Girls Do It Too.’ Also, she won the ARIA 2021 Gold Award under the category of Best New Presenter.

Poppy Jay Age – How Old Is She?

As per sources, Poppy Jay is now 35 years of age. So far now, the internet hasn’t mentioned her full birth details and when she will celebrate her 36th birth anniversary.

Poppy Jay was born and raised in East London and holds British nationality. She is a Muslim of the British Bangladeshi community. As of now, the interesting facts on her birthday, and zodiac sign hasn’t been disclosed.

With regards to height, Poppy Jay’s might be 5ft 5inches tall i.e. 167 centimeters. It’s just our assumption based on her appearance and observing her photographs.

Poppy Jay Husband – Is She Married?

Earlier, Poppy Jay was married to her ex-husband whose name hasn’t been revealed to date. As she said, their relationship was a “car crash” which took five months to consummate the marriage.

Later, Poppy Jay divorced her former husband by the time she turned 25. Following the separation, she suddenly got a bucket-list of mentality and went bit mad, which was an absolute revelation.

According to Poppy Jay, her ex-husbana was a good man but quite traditional. So, their thoughts constantly clashed and ended up with the idea of divorce.

Poppy Jay Net Worth – How Much Does She Earn?

Poppy Jay must have a handful of earnings  in millions to live a luxurious lifestyle. Still, the official statement of her net worth hasn’t been uncovered to the public.

The 35-year-old Jay currently has her own show called ‘Group Chat’ on the BBC Asian Network. She openly talks about human-interest stories, and social issues that aren’t always represented in mainstream media.


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