Who is Reece Walsh Partner or Wife – Do They Have A Baby?


Reece Walsh, the professional Australian Athlete’s partner is Freda Puru. They have an adorable daughter together.

Reece Walsh is a professional Rugby player from Australia. He plays as a fullback for The New Zealand Warriors in the National Rugby League (NRL).

Recently the athlete was arrested during a night out on the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise party strip. Reece is being kept for investigation under “drug and public other offenses.” Fans are concerned about the athlete’s family and his infant daughter.

Reece Walsh Partner Freda Puru- Is He Married?

Reece Walsh and Freda Puru are longtime girlfriends and boyfriends. The duo isn’t married as of yet.

There have been speculations and news however, the couple will get married anytime soon now. As they share a three-month daughter together.

Information nowhere and how they met haven’t been disclosed yet. Freda and Reece seem to keep their personal life private and away from social media. The couple doesn’t share much information or many pictures of each other on their Insta page as well.

With 192k followers in the photo-sharing app, Reece Welsh shares pictures of primarily his team, game, win, and recently of his daughter.

Freda Puru’s current profession hasn’t been known as of yet. However, as a professional Rugby player, the 19-year-old net worth is valued at USD 1.2 million.

As a promising player, he still can gain millions more net worth, but for now, it is uncertain what his future as an athlete holds after the arrest.

Reece Walsh Baby – Meet Reece Walsh’s Children

Reece Walsh and Freda Puru have a child together. A daughter named Leila Arohamauros. She is currently only three months old. Leila was born few months before Reece turned 19.

She can see on her both of parents’ Instagram profiles sharing a cute smile.

Born on July 10, 2002, Reece was born to multi-racial parents. He is an Indigenous Australian based in Queensland, Australia. His parent’s names are Kahuti Campbell and Rodney Walsh. As per reports, he was raised by his biological father and stepmother, Jodie.

Reece Walsh Arrest Update

Reece Walsh names Rookie of the Year, he was arrested recently from a club and is being investigated for “drug and public order offenses”.

As this news was published, NRL and Warriors, a club for which Reece is currently playing for have been investigating further on the case.

Though he has been released from the Surfers Paradise Police Station, the investigation process will carry on for possible drug use.


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