Who Is Simon Reeve Wife Anya Reeve? Everything To Know About The British TV Presenter


Simon Reeve’s wife, Anya Reeve, is a television camerawoman and activist. Her high-profile marriage to Simon has given her a lot of attention recently. Explore more about the journalist in this article.

Simon Alan Reeve is a journalist, explorer, documentary filmmaker, and TV presenter from the United Kingdom. Reeve splits his time between London and Devon when he’s at home.

He has published books about international terrorism, modern history, his adventures, and making worldwide travel and environmental documentaries.

Currently, he has acknowledged that he sometimes feels like a “hypocrite” because of the carbon imprint he leaves behind when filming his trip documentaries. However, he does hope that the “honest stories” they tell about the world will help reduce the impact.

Who Is Simon Reeve Wife Anya Reeve?

Anya Reeve, Simon Reeve’s wife, is a TV camerawoman and campaigner. She was a Green Party candidate in the past. 

Both the husband and wife have achieved success in their respective fields. They put a lot of effort into their work. 

They are incredibly appealing and have distinct personalities. They have demonstrated their abilities and established a reputation through their will to succeed.

Anya, Simon’s wife, is a highly loving and caring woman who constantly encourages her husband to make good decisions and serves as a pillar of support to help him gain confidence.

Simon Reeve Married Life And Kids 

Simon Reeve and Anya Reeve first met at a glamorous party, and they became friends. Their friendship quickly blossomed into an affair, and they married.

The couple has not shared any details regarding their wedding. Yet it appears that they got married in front of their family and friends. The couple is the parents of one child, Jake. Simon’s personal life seems more enjoyable when he posts images of his child and wife on social media.

He resides in Devon with his family and enjoys exploring the natural world.

Simon Reeve Net Worth: Explore His Life On Instagram

As of 2022, Simon Reeve’s net worth is expected to be $1 million. His current net worth is sufficient to sustain a high quality of life.

He will continue to make more money in the future as long as he continues to work at his job. He earned a decent sum of money throughout his professional career till now. He is a novelist in addition to being a TV host, and he may make a decent living from it.

Simon Reeve is active on Instagram under the username @simon_reeve. 

By looking at his Instagram page, he currently has 152k followers with 904 posts. So, there are many posts to scroll through if you follow him on Instagram. 


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