Home Lifestyle Who Is Singer Kezz Stone? Explore His Wikipedia Biography & Age Details

Who Is Singer Kezz Stone? Explore His Wikipedia Biography & Age Details

Who Is Singer Kezz Stone? Explore His Wikipedia Biography & Age Details
Who Is Singer Kezz Stone? Explore His Wikipedia Biography & Age Details

Kezz Stone is an English-born singer and songwriter from London’s Chelsea neighborhood who has been dubbed a musical wonderboy.

Kezz Stone is one of the best songwriters in the UK and the music industry’s finest surprise. So far, he has only produced one full-length solo record, Great Expectations, which was launched in June 2005.

After establishing notoriety as a sequential supermodel partier, he wedded Italian beauty Nathalie Petronelli in 2000, with whom he established and operates the indie record company Airhead Records.

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Who Is Singer Kezz Stone? His Wikipedia Biography

Kezz Stone is a popular music artist who is yet to get mentioned on the standard Wikipedia page.

As per his IMDB profile, Stone demonstrated his outstanding skill on the record, which he performed on a four-track recording device in-home sitting on the edge of the A1 freeway.

The record included a lyrical tribute to his lover Asia Argento, whose name is also the title of the track, as well as the musical Scarlet Diva, named after the film written, directed, and featuring Argento.

The English artist was compared to Django Reinhardt, his personal guitar idol, for his skill to play purely by ear, as he never knew to read songs, thinking that books should be studied, songs should be played.

Always a musical conundrum Stones’ inspiration includes the fire of 1970s London rock groups, Led Zeppelin’s bluesy music, and his gypsy teachers Taraf de Haidouks’ earthy passion.

Learn About Kezz Stone Age

Kezz Stone is 47 years old right now as he was born on  26 May 1978.

He is the smaller child of two kids of folk singer Jed Stone and mom Sally Potirakis and was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, UK.

In the mid-1990s, he enrolled at Norwich City College on an irregular basis, interested in spending much of his time on the road with local bands and developing his puzzling guitar skills.

After topping the Face of 97 modeling contest, Stone declined to pose for the camera. One can get to learn more details regarding the daily life of Kezz Stone through his Instagram handle.

Meet Kezz Stone Wife Nathalie Petronelli

Kezz is married to his beautiful wife Nathalie Petronelli, who is a former model.

Petronelli had been a commercial photographer and runway model in the fashion world for 20 years. Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild, a Channel 5 program, featured her recently.

Thanks to her popular OnlyFans website, she has already established a reputation for herself as The Dirtiest Girl In The World, as she is more generally known on social networks.

The popular couple has been together for 21 years and relocated to Northumberland eight years ago to start and operate a forestry company.

Kezz Stone Net Worth Uncovered: How Rich Is He?

Kezz Stone has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.

Stone is said to live in the flashy hippie beach city of Biarritz in his chosen homeland of France.

The artist’s name is like a ripple through the trendiest of superstar groups, clearly interconnected and well-protected.

Only time will decide if Kezz can conquer his modesty and show the entire world what they claim he is worthy of.



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