Who was the first hollywood actress to appear on a u.s. postage stamp?


Welcome back to my another blog post. Today I am going to discuss about who is Grace Kelly, how did grace kelly die and a common question about who was the first hollywood actress to appear on a u.s. postage stamp?  If you love to watch English movie, I  think you will love to know the answer of this question.

Grace Kelly was the first Hollywood actress to appear on a u.s. postage stamp in the USA history.

By the way do you know what is postage stamp?

I think you do not know or knew already Anyway, postage stamp is a small piece of paper issued by a post office, postal administration. Grace Kelly was only one and first actress whose picture had been appreared on a u.s. postage stamp in America. Let’s know more about Grace Kelly in the following

Who is Grace Kelly?

Grace Kelly, unique name in full Grace Patricia Kelly, additionally called (from 1956) Princess Grace of Monaco or French Princesse Grace de Monaco, (conceived November 12, 1929, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.— passed on September 14, 1982, Monte Carlo, Monaco), American entertainer of movies and TV, known for her dignified magnificence and hold. She featured in 11 films prior to leaving a Hollywood vocation to wed Rainier III, sovereign de Monaco, in 1956.

Kelly was naturally introduced to a well off Irish Catholic family in Philadelphia; her dad was John B. Kelly, a gold-award winning rower, and her uncle was the writer George Kelly. She was taught in religious community and non-public schools prior to going to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1947.

She functioned as a photographic artist’s model to pay her educational cost. Later a few periods of acting in summer stock, Kelly made her Broadway debut in November 1949 in August Strindberg’s The Father. She was projected in various TV shows in the mid 1950s. In 1951 she made her big-screen debut, showing up in a minor job in Fourteen Hours. The next year she gave an advancement execution as Gary Cooper’s Quaker spouse in High Noon.

Kelly’s Famous Work

Notwithstanding such eminent works, Kelly’s most essential jobs were ostensibly those in a progression of exemplary Alfred Hitchcock films. She originally worked with the chief in Dial M for Murder (1954), in which she played a two-faced spouse whose husband (Ray Milland) plots to have her killed. That year she likewise featured in Rear Window, cast as the sweetheart of a photographic artist (James Stewart) who becomes persuaded that his neighbor has submitted murder. In To Catch a Thief (1955), Kelly featured inverse Cary Grant. The heartfelt escapade is noted for its advertisement libbed scenes overflowing with risqué remarks between the two entertainers. Kelly was generally viewed as the ideal Hitchcock champion, encapsulating what he called “sexual polish.”

Grace kelly children

The children’s of Grace Kelly in the following:

Princess Caroline (23rd January 1957)

Prince Albert II of Monaco (14th March 1958)

Princess Stéphanie (1st February 1965)

How did grace kelly die and who was the first hollywood actress to appear on a u.s. postage stamp

The American Oscar champ, who turned into a princess in the wake of wedding Prince Rainier of Monaco, experienced a stroke driving home to Monaco with her then 17-year-old girl Princess Stephanie on September 13, 1982. Failing to keep a grip on the vehicle, she drove off a lofty mountain, plunging 100 feet down a gorge and appallingly kicked the bucket from a mind drain the following day at age 52.

Stephanie, who made due in the wake of enduring blackout and a cracked vertebra, talked about the impact of her mom’s passing in a 2015 meeting with French distribution Point de Vue.

“Later I moved past my annoyance, moved beyond the feeling of treachery that was inside me, rather than feeling frustrated about myself, I said, ‘Stand by! Consistently, you ought to have passed on as well,’ ” she said. “Assuming that I was kept alive, it was which is as it should be. You have a spot in this world. You need to track down it

Conceived Grace Patricia Kelly in Philadelphia on November 12, 1929, Kelly featured in her first film, Fourteen Hours, at age 22. Most popular for her parts in the Alfred Hitchcock works of art Dial M for Murder and Rear Window, Kelly won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her exhibition in The Country Girl, the year prior to her fantasy wedding to Rainier in 1956. This is what truly occurred.

How old was grace kelly when she died

Kelly was died when she was 52 years old.


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