Why a hot tub holiday is perfect for two


There’s nothing quite like a romantic getaway, and to make it even better would be to add a hot tub. With a quiet break away from the rest of the world, make your time away extra special.

With a variety of different options available, start the bubbles, relax with whoever you decide to bring and hop in. And if you haven’t tried it before, you will soon fall in love with a hot tub holiday.

Winter loving

Hot tub breaks are perfect all year round, but cosying up with someone in the winter can never go wrong! The heated water is great to warm you up, especially if you’ve just been out for a romantic winter’s stroll, to explore your latest holiday destination. If that stroll lasted a while, the hot tub can help to soothe your muscles and allow you to wind down with your loved one.

After your dip in the tub, you can further relax by slipping on your robe, some slippers and watch your favourite film!

An easy tip to remember is to close the lid of your tub when you’ve finished relaxing to preserve the heat for your next dip.

Then, as you get cosy, the further benefits of a hot tub become clear. Providing you with a better night’s sleep, you’ll soon realise why hot tubs are constantly raved about.

Bubble away the stress

Taking some time out to experience a hot tub will allow your worries to evaporate, especially when sharing this with someone close to you. The warmth allows your blood to flow, giving you mental clarity, to be able to really focus on your partner. Much of the stress is relieved by simply having less access to electrical devices while in the tub, so you can really have that much needed one on one time, to bring you both together.

You can both be in your own little bubble, and watch the world go by!

The perfect date night

Arrange the perfect night, especially for times where you want to stay in. Have some gorgeous food, maybe even pop the champagne, and share the hot tub. The limits are endless in making those nights something you will both enjoy, but the hot tub always gives it that special touch!

Have a relaxing shower before you enter the tub to remove any oils or lotions you may have on – these can seriously affect the water quality if this is not done. There’s no stress in having to dress up for the night, but the option is always there.

Experience a different night where you both feel more at ease, and can just experience each other’s company without having to share a restaurant with others. Just the two of you.

It’s an experience you can’t beat, with these types of holidays soon becoming a staple in your life. Making memories with your favourite person can’t get any better than that!

Hot tub holidays are the perfect idea, but there are a few more dos and don’ts to learn before you hop in.

A beautiful idea for two – even if you don’t have a partner, you can share this experience with your best friend and share your love for them. Whatever time of the year you decide to take a break, a hot tub holiday will never fail in providing you with a joyous experience.


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