Why Is Lucy Meacock Not On Granada Reports? Illness Update And Where Is She?


After the several claims of Lucy Meacock not seen on Granada Reports, the question of why she is not on it has widely risen. Let’s find out.

Lucy Meacock is an English Television presenter, and reporter from Chester is known to be the co-presenter for ITV Granada and ITV News.

Also, she was previously a Chronicle reporter in Chester.

She was recently seen a lot in the media after her co-presenter Tony Morris passed away after a long battle with Kidney cancer. 

She and Tony were great partners and had been working together for years, which led to an emotional breakdown of Lucy after his death. 

Why Is Lucy Meacock Not On Granada Reports?

Many people have reported and are interested in knowing why Lucy Meackck is not on Granada reports.

And, this seems obvious because there is no apparent reason for that out yet. 

Neither Lucy nor the ITV Garanda or any other official sources has provided any details on her leaving the show or discontinuing for any reason. 

Indeed, after the death of Lucy’s co-presenter, they have already got a new co-presenter for the show, but her not being seen on the show had surprised people. 

Well, it seems as if we will never know until any official sources or Luch herself reveals the cause of her not being seen on Granada reports. 

Lucy Meacock Illness details 2021: Where Is She?

There have been several rumors regarding some type of illness of Lucy Meacock.

And this, too, as you might expect, is not confirmed in the news. 

There is no information regarding any possible disease Luch Meacock has.

People have worried about their beloved presenter. 

And probably, searching if she is ill or not has made the internet so hyped up about this matter.

This is a must read! Huge congratulations @Nmozz an awesome achievement in the toughest of years.I remember when your lovely Dad first told me you were writing this & how he was bursting with pride. He was so proud of his wonderful family @kimmington7 & @RebeccaMorris90 https://t.co/yfzWVzkMN0

— Lucy Meacock (@lucymitv) April 16, 2021

Also, since she is not seen on the Granada news, this makes much sense to the people even if it is not valid. 

As of where she is now, there are pretty much no details about that. She is not seen on TV; hence people are interested in what has happened to her. 

But, lastly, she was active in January, making several interesting articles on critical matters.

She was also seen active on Twitter at the beginning of this month; more about her is yet to come. 


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