Will Lyne, lead designer at Christopher Peters Kitchens and Interiors, shares nine reasons why buying bespoke is the best option if you’re designing your forever home. 


When it comes to making a long-term investment in your home, working with a designer or a bespoke supplier can often mean the difference between a space that is simply well-designed and a space that will see you and your family through the next 20 or more years.

If you’re looking to achieve that dream home, well then it stands to reason that this will be far more obtainable if you opt for a designer or a provider that can adapt a design to your needs, wants and non-negotiables for the space. This is why, in many cases, bespoke can be best if you’re looking to evoke a certain feeling of luxury in your home. 

Here, Will Lyne – lead designer at Christopher Peters Kitchens and Interiors – shares nine reasons why buying bespoke is the best option if you’re designing your forever home.

Timeless sourcing 

Bespoke brands are more likely able to source vintage and traditional materials, elements and solutions to fit the pre-existing conditions of the kitchen. Some kitchens are timepieces in their own right, so implementing contemporary elements to it as a quick solution can just make it look and feel confused.

Unrivalled sourcing by luxury bespoke brands will find the most obscure materials and colours in the most pristine condition, meaning there’s almost no style that can’t be matched and no challenge too steep. Bespoke designers also relish in catering to the peculiarities that are found in so many old British homes and kitchens, ultimately staying true to the overall layout of the space.

Inventive and stylish storage solutions

Function can often be an obstacle to style. But the experience and knowledge of a creative design team leads to innovative storage solutions and clever uses of space that don’t disregard quality design. One example of where this has been used in practice is where a client needed some storage in an awkward spot. With restrictions from angular walls we set about creating an unconventional wardrobe which afforded them extra storage, whilst seamlessly fitting with the proportions of their bedroom. It also ended up looking rather striking and being a real talking point.

Unique design processes

Bespoke designers will sit down with you during the design process, which is when your thoughts and ideas start to take shape. They get to know all about your dreams, practical considerations, how your new kitchen or bespoke furniture piece will be used and where it will fit into your home. This is an opportunity to get to know you, your personality, inspirations and style.

Your design will reflect these qualities and help produce an installation that is unique to you. Your initial thoughts, guided by the expertise and experience of the designer, will evolve into a working design and carefully planned proposal.

Impeccable accuracy

In all kitchens made by luxury bespoke designers and fitters, it’s ensured that measurements are impeccable to the most acute degree, guaranteeing an absolutely seamless fit and a real sense of attention to detail. From a practical basis, this eradicates the opportunities for mould and dust to form in recesses and unused spaces. 

Complete dexterity  

Luxury bespoke brands don’t do trends or have a signature look – bespoke designers will instead ensure that they invest in and share your vision to design the most beautiful kitchen with the finest materials possible. Whether it be contemporary or classical, they’ll work with you to bring your imagination to life. 

Taking pride in the challenge

Some very exclusive luxury designers, such as us at Christopher Peters, are not limited to just kitchens, storage units, open shelving and wardrobes. Many will be able to create all types of cabinetries and furniture, especially anything that may seem challenging to high street retailers that can’t work to your exacting specifications.

High quality, built to last

Bespoke materials and designs often come with a significant cost implication but this can, in turn, add significant value to your property if you do decide to move on. If a future buyer can see that no expense has been spared during the design and install process, they’re less likely to want to make costly changes themselves, therefore making your property stand out from others on the market.  

Maximisation of space 

The challenge is what excites designers – the opportunity to grant someone the gift of space they thought was not possible. Function, form and style combined is the not-so-secret recipe to forever being proud of the spaces you have created in your home.

Designers relish the chance to transform an otherwise awkward room into a unique installation. Their ingenuity solves problems that clients thought unsolvable, which they can only deliver with a bespoke product.

Seamless cabinetry

Seamless runs of cabinetry take a gifted carpenter hours of hand crafting to achieve. The quality of this detailed finish undeniably draws the eye around the entire space. Our designer’s clever use of tonal finishes chosen in collaboration with the client, beautiful materials and practical storage solutions takes this kitchen from tired to stylish but still maintaining a welcoming country feel. 


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