YUVA Medispa launches In Alderley Edge


So a brand-new clinical spa called Yuva medispa has opened in Alderley Edge and they are taking Cheshire by storm, offering the creme de la creme of medical treatments, from Botox and fillers to body shaping and hydrafacials.

Now, I’m not against age-defying procedures and cosmetic surgery, I just wouldn’t ever do it myself. However, the ones I saw at Yuva medispa were aimed at keeping a natural look with minimal work done to ensure their natural beauty stays intact, so it was a lot less Kylie Jenner than I expected. They also provide an amazing service with large private waiting and treatment rooms, so you always feel looked after.

Dr Raj Acquilla is the founder and main doctor at Yuva medispa and he is one of the UK’s most respected aesthetic doctors. He is known for his natural-looking results, aesthetic eye and finesse as an injector and the waiting list to see him is up to 3 months!

Dr Acquilla has been a practising doctor for 18 years after graduating from Manchester University Medical School, he also has a long list of achievements behind him and is an award-winning speaker, so you know you are in safe hands at Yuva.

They offer a range of different treatments so if you really want to find something to fix an issue you have or just pamper yourself a little then there is something Yuva can offer for you.

However, a key thing that I realised was so important when I visited Yuva at their launch, was that as women, we put ourselves down way too often and this was evident in a lot of the women at the preview event. So before you decide to go under the needle, I think it is super important to work on self-confidence and that you try to accept the person you see in the mirror, faults and all. So then even if you still decide to go through with a medical procedure you feel confident on the inside and the outside.


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