Jaime Bayly and Silvia Núñez celebrated their daughter Zoe’s birthday in style


Big time! Zoe, the daughter of Jaime Bayly andSilvia Núñez del Arco celebrated her 11th birthday with an incredible party on April 3. The celebration took place in Miami, a city in the United States where her family resides. Through his official Facebook page, the Peruvian journalist shared some photos of the event, in which the three pose happily, as they are enjoying a pleasant family moment.

One of the snapshots shows the television presenter kissing little Zoe’s head while Silvia watches them tenderly. “So proud of Zoe!”, wrote next to said publication. In the second image, Jaime’s daughter appears posing next to her cake and her ostentatious decoration for her birthday.

Jaime Bayly and Silvia Núñez del Arco on their daughter Zoe’s birthday. Photo: Jaime Bayly/Facebook

Jaime Bayly and Silvia Núñez del Arco on their daughter Zoe’s birthday. Photo: Jaime Bayly/Facebook

Let us remember that Jaime Bayly and Silvia Nunez del Arco They have lived in Miami, United States, for several years. The couple married in 2011 and welcomed daughter Zoe shortly after.

How did Jaime Bayly and Silvia meet?

Silvia Núñez del Arco met Jaime Bayly when she was 20 years old, on the set of El Francotirador, a program that was broadcast every Sunday on Latin Frequency. When they met for the first time, both had a partner: the young woman had a relationship with a motorcyclist and the writer had an affair with the Argentine Luis Corbacho.

“I saw her and never until then had I felt that love could be a lightning bolt that falls on your head or, to be more corny, an arrow that stabs you in the heart,” said the writer.

Jaime Bayly and his wife, Silvia Núñez del Arco. Photo: Instagram

How old is Silvia Núñez del Arco?

Silvia Núñez del Arco Vidal is 33 years old, while Jaime Bayly, who came into the world on February 19, 1965, is 57 years old.

Over time, the couple has shown that the age difference between them has never been an impediment for their love to move forward.


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