Who is Zully Pinchi, the former candidate linked to Martín Vizcarra in intimate chats?


Martin Vizcarra is in the eye of the storm after intimate chats with Zully Pinchi, a former candidate for Congress for the political party Somos Perú, came to light. It all started when the host Magaly Medina spoke about the controversial conversations on her program.

Now, many wonder who is the woman who expresses her love to the former president despite the fact that he would still be married to the former first lady Maribel Diaz. In this note we tell you all the details about Zully Pinchi.

The love chats of Martín Vizcarra and Zully Pinchi

The messages would have been made before the meeting between Martín Vizcarra and Zully Pinchi at the Hotel Monasterio in Cusco. She writes to him: “I love you I need to give you a hug and you don’t know how much I miss you, you are my baby, you are my king”.While the former president replies: “I love you, see you later.”

At another point, he warns her to pretend to be the partner of one of his collaborators at the hotel reception. “Enter and ask for the name of Rudy Ramos, that is to avoid rocks. I love you”, she reads in the chat.

Zully Pinchi: who is she, age and studies

Zully Arlene Pinchi Ramirez was born on November 14, 1977. He is 44 years old. She is a lawyer, writer, social activist and director of the NGO Solidarity ABC. She too, she ventured into journalism as a reporter for some media.

Zully Pinchi. Photo: archive

studied the race from Law at San Martín University and also Finance and Business Law at ESAN. In addition, he did master’s degrees at the Carlos III University and the Complutense University. He has published three books, one of them launched in Peru with the title “113 chronicles of a passion.”

Zully Pinchi. Photo: archive

The loving past of Zully Pinchi

Zully Pinchi married Miguel del Castillo, son of Jorge del Castillo. But their marriage did not last and they ended up divorcing, according to the host Magaly Medina.

also kept a love relationship with the surgeon Frank Zegarra Ávilawhom he denounced for aggression due to an act of violence that occurred in June 2004. In 2009, the doctor was sentenced to five years in prison for the crime of serious injuries to the detriment of the former applicant.

Zully Pinchi married Miguel del Castillo. Photo: Instagram

Zully Pinchi in Somos Peru

In 2021, Zully Pinchi applied for the Somos Perú party to the Congress of the Republic and its number was 18. Its main proposals were focused on the fight against gender violence and how to give young people more study opportunities.

During the electoral campaign, he toured various places in Peru with Martín Vizcarra and Daniel Salaverry. He organized community pots and brought supplies to the most needy areas.

Zully Pinchi in We are Peru. Photo: Instagram

Zully Pinchi on Instagram

Zully Pinchi He has earned more than 6,000 followers on Instagram. The lawyer used the social network only for political purposes, because all the images that appear are about the moments of her campaign with Somos Perú. Since the beginning of 2021, she has not made a new publication.


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