2022 FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Race: Harry Kane Made Favorite to Retain Award


With the 2022 FIFA World Cup just a few short weeks away, the excitement for the world’s biggest football competition is continually building, with many hoping that their country can come out victorious.

Indeed, there are many that will be preparing for this year’s competition, which happens to be a little unique given that it will be played in the European winter rather than the summer, while it is also the first to ever be held in the Middle East.

Some will, naturally, be looking forward to each of the 64 matches that are scheduled to take place across eight stadiums in Qatar between November 20 and December 18, while there will be others that will be interested in a number of the sub-plots that are possible to experience throughout the competition.

Various storylines can always be produced

One of the best things about a tournament as big as the 2022 FIFA World Cup is that there is always a number of different storylines that can be produced with the action that takes place on the field.

Indeed, it is possible, and typically likely, that there will be shocks to occur. Examples can include potential title favorites crashing out in the Group Stage, surprise wins being achieved in games that many had written off already, as well as the possibility of seeing some incredible moments from those that are in the crowd.

However, for many, one of the best storylines to continue to look out for is in regard to the race for the Golden Boot, as this is one of the most exciting elements to the tournament, aside from the results being achieved in each game until a champion is finally crowned.

Why is the Golden Boot race so popular?

Naturally, there will be many that will be questioning why the race for the Golden Boot is popular, however all football fans will know that this is due to the fact that it will mean goals will be scored.

Given how competitive players are, the best strikers in the world will want to ensure they are able to obtain the award for scoring the most goals at the most prestigious sporting tournament possible, as this can go a long way in helping to prove themselves among the best players in the sport.

Additionally, it has become rather popular for bettors, too, as the competitive nature of the players on display on the pitch can help to provide a number of interesting betting propositions that fans can then ultimately look to use to enhance their viewing experiences.

With the tournament being as big as it is, there will be many around the world that will be betting on World Cup 2022 markets available, and this is just one of the markets that will provide them with competitive odds.

But, which players are already listed in the betting odds as the favorites to win the race for the Golden Boot in Qatar? Let’s take a look…

Harry Kane leads the betting

Currently, Tottenham Hotspur and England forward Harry Kane is considered the favorite to win the Golden Boot at the FIFA World Cup, with the striker provided odds of +800. One of the reasons why this might be the case is due to him winning the award in the 2018 edition of the tournament, as his six goals was enough to lead the charts, despite the Three Lions finishing fourth.

Kylian Mbappe, who managed to net four and come joint-second as he helped France to the title in Russia four years ago, is considered to be the second favorite in this year’s race as he has been priced at +900, with compatriot Karim Benzema at +1,100 after being name the Ballon d’Or champion.

Following those three men are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, with both priced at +1,400 to round out the top five names. These two players – considered the greatest of all time – will likely be playing in their final ever World Cup, so it would not be a surprise if many felt that there was value in the odds being provided here.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that this particular race will be one of the most interesting in years, with a number of talented goal scorers likely to take to the field and represent their nations at this year’s competition in Qatar.


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