P2P or peer-to-peer technology is used for file and data sharing purposes, and it was used by many websites developed at the earlier stage. With this technology, users can share huge media files like music and movies through the internet.

People have a misconception that bitcoin can be used for illegal money laundering activities because users can hide their identity while making their transactions with BTC. But it is not possible because your identity can be traced through your crypto account, as it is mandatory to verify your KYC to open a trading account on an exchange. To open a free trading account, you can visit

When it comes to crypto transactions on a p-to-p level, a lot of local centralized bodies create a lot of problems with the asset transfer in the initial stages which might eventually delay the process. To get over such terrible problems, the Bitcoin transaction facilities have stepped in. In simple words, due to the decentralized nature of bitcoin transactions, no third party can poke or interfere in the system, thus, saving you a lot of time and costs. If you lack the basic knowledge of peer-to-peer technology and bitcoin transfers, then the following article might help you now.

Reasons to use P2P technology for blockchain transactions:

Blockchain networks of crypto like bitcoin are using peer-to-peer technology to reduce their downtime. For example, you can make an online transaction through your bank server, which is a centralized server owned and operated by your bank. But you can face some problems due to downtime of such centralized servers and your transaction can be declined by the server. You can receive such server maintenance emails from your bank every month or week when they restrict every type of transaction through their server. In the case of P2P technology, you can prevent such problems because if a single device cannot handle the high traffic, then another device or node will validate your transaction. These nodes stored in the blockchain network can share the data through P2P technology, and you cannot face any downtime while you trade bitcoin and other cryptos.

  • Bitcoin has gained huge popularity and investors are trying to invest their funds in this coin. Most investors choose a decentralized exchange to invest their funds in cryptos and these exchanges are based on peer-to-peer technology, also known as P2P exchanges. It is easy to open an account and carry out a transaction through a decentralized network, compared to a centralized network or exchange.
  • P2P servers can provide better security than centralized servers because transaction data are distributed among a huge number of nodes, and it is impossible to hack such nodes at a time. So, you can keep your crypto account secured by using a decentralized or P2P exchange.
  • Bitcoin network based on a peer-to-peer network can help you to stay away from government censorship, and your account, transaction data, and wallet cannot be traced or blocked by the bank or government.

Why bitcoin blockchain use P2P technology?

Cryptos like bitcoin and ETH are not controlled by any central administrator, and banks or governments cannot control or monitor such transactions made by cryptocurrencies. So, there is a need for decentralized technology that can carry the transactions of bitcoin, and P2P technology can solve this issue. Once you initiate a transaction with BTC, a data block is formed in the blockchain network and it will be visible in the public ledger with a cryptographic hash. These blocks are distributed in the blockchain network through peer-to-peer technology, and people including miners can access such data to validate your transactions.

Bitcoin network is using this P2P technology to prevent the unwanted intervention of government and other third-party payment services. So, you do not need to visit your bank or log in to your banking dashboard to transfer your funds, and you can send bitcoin to another user without any third-party services. It will reduce your transaction fees and time, and you can also keep your identity anonymous.

Peer-to-peer technology is a secured system that can provide better security measures to a decentralized platform, and it can be used for file sharing and energy trading platforms. You can make transactions online with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through this network, and you can avail of faster transactions at minimum fees. You can switch your bank server to a decentralized server by investing your funds in bitcoin.


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